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It may be better to give back the engagement ring before taking the vow.

An author, a publisher, and a divorce

A publisher and I parted ways recently because we had a different view of contracts. The debate, and ultimately the separation, stemmed from this provision in the contract: “The Author shall provide one blog post per month, a day each month to be designated and agreed upon, to be placed on the [REDACTED] Blog. The […]

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NaNoWriMo Tips from Dylan Newton

It takes TWENTY-ONE days to make something a habit. Gear up for Na No Wri Mo (National Novel Writing Month) next week and you’ll be on your way to making a habit of writing. On December 1 you can celebrate that you’ve written 50,000 WORDS! First, find your road map and set your strategies in place. […]

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SEEK AND HIDE Book Giveaway, by Amanda G. Stevens

A few years ago I met Amanda G. Stevens at a Susie May Warren, My Book Therapy retreat. I didn’t know Amanda well, but instantly liked her. Through FB we’ve kept in touch and encouraged each other, posting and commenting on each other’s status pages. Today, I’m sharing Amanda’s debut novel with you. I haven’t […]

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How Can Butt Glue Help Writers?

(Photo compliments of Morguefile.com)    This weekend I taught, “How to Write a Novel in 30 Days,” at the Homosassa, Florida Library. I also got to sit in on a meeting with the local RWA chapter. (Romance Writers of America) This local organization (Sunshine State Romance Writers) is huge and the group accepts authors/writers who write […]

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Sound Phone Tips on How to Record Your Audio Book At Home

In the digital age, people are not looking for a quiet corner but a pair of headphones to shut out other sounds. Readers are turning to audio books in great numbers. The audio-book industry is estimated to be worth more than $1 billion. That means a lot of people are interested in listening to their books. With this trend, […]

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How to Increase Your Book Sales: Product Partnering

(Photo compliments of Morguefile.com)  How to find fun ways to market books? I love being an Indie author and having total control over marketing my stories, but I’m often at a loss as to how to find fun ways to share my books. Are you? Even if you published your book with a traditional publishing […]

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How to Use Google Docs for Sharing Documents

(Photo compliments of Morguefile.com) For years, I worked far away from my office. I was so far away, in fact, that a commute was a 12-hour trip by car and nearly a four-hour flight with a connection in either Detroit or Chicago. So getting to the office was not an option for me. But it worked […]

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One Quick and Easy Way to Research for Historical Fiction Ideas

When you were a kid did you love history? If you were like me you nodded off in history class. I found it so boring! Now that I’m much older I love history, but because I didn’t pay attention in class I’m often embarrassed at my lack of knowledge about the World War I era, […]

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11 Ways a Virtual Assistant Can Help INDIE Authors Be More Efficient

  (Photo compliments of Morguefile.com) If you’re like me you probably wish there was two of you. Wouldn’t that be great? One of you could write and the other could handle all the other stuff–accounting, promo, formatting, launching, blog posting, etc. What if you could hire someone to be the other you, someone who knew […]

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How To Show Likeable Characteristics in Unlikeable People

Save The Cat Have you ever read a book you didn’t like because you didn’t like the main character? Maybe she was too self-absorbed, or maybe he was a thief–he didn’t have any endearing qualities, so you put the book down and never finished the story because you didn’t care about the the mc. This […]

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