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Deets from the Non-Fiction Author, Gloria Doty

(Amazon LINK to Book) A Note from Michelle:  I primarily write fiction and blog about writing tips for novelists, but many writers yearn to write nonfiction books too. Today I have a nonfiction author, Gloria Doty, as my guest. I asked her a few questions in hopes that her answers might inspire you on how […]

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Do Internal Questions in Fiction Show a Deeper Point-of-View?

  (Photo compliments of Part of getting published is finding an editor who can help develop your story and edit it for content flaws, grammar problems–and all the other point-of-view and tense inconsistencies writers may have. Sometimes writers agree with their editors comments and other times they disagree. I believe my editor because I’m […]

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Going Places in a Click

In 2004, I stayed in my college roommate’s one-room apartment in the Bedford–Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn. I was there for only a few days, but I will always remember the small place. It was unique, but one aspect of the place still stands out most in my mind. It was a third-story apartment that was […]

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How to Reach Your Reader’s Hearts, by Susanne Lakin

LIVE, WRITE, THRIVE was voted one of the 100 Best Websites for Writers. Have you been there?  The author of that website is Susanne Lakin. She’s a multi-published author and an amazing writing coach and editor. Please check out her post below and her newly released book. My long-awaited writing craft book Writing the Heart of Your […]

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Inspiration on How to Set YOUR Daily Writing Quota, by Jim Denney

Your Daily Quota By Jim Denney “I try to write a thousand words on a good day, about three pages.” —Historical novelist Tracy Chevalier (Girl with a Pearl Earring) Holly Black is best known for her children’s fantasy series, The Spiderwick Chronicles. Her middle-grade novel Doll Bones was a Newbery honor book, and her YA […]

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Road Map for NaNoWriMo July

ROAD MAP For NaNoWriMo JULY  (Inspired by MY BOOK THERAPY) Are you participating in July’s NaNoWriMo? (National Novel Writing Month) If not, maybe you should consider making the commitment. But before you begin your 30-day adventure, you need to be familiar with some of the following terms and what they mean. How you plot is […]

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Track your Text Changes

Using Track Changes for Edits In the past, writers had to use their pencils to scribble out paragraphs and pages of script to shift it to another part of their story. Then they’d have to rewrite it into the new part of the piece. It was easier to simply delete it by tearing out the […]

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Book Bub – Who are They? How Can They Help You?

  Several different times in the past year my novels have made it to the top of the AMAZON BEST SELLER list in their category. When that happens I take a screen shot so I can remember the moment. (Because unfortunately, it won’t last.) This is a pic of one of those times when CACHE […]

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Grandfamilies and ECLAIR, a Children’s Chapter Book Series

(Photo compliments of GRANDFAMILIES – WHAT ARE THEY? There is a growing trend in America—grandparents raising grandchildren. According to the AARP’s Grandfacts, “Across the United States, almost 7.8 million children are living in homes where grandparents or other relatives are the householders, with more than 5.8 million children living in grandparents’ homes and nearly […]

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Baseball Fans, Readers Want ‘Autographs’

(Photo compliments of In 1989, I went to my first Major League Baseball game. The Atlanta Braves played the Montreal Expos at the Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium. I loved the smell of stadium—a mix of popcorn, hot dogs, and spilled beer. I will never forget my first glimpse of the green outfield grass through the […]

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