Make Me Care

Take the Weekly Challenge. I dare you!

What is this man feeling?

Here’s your challenge: Choose one of the following emotions (or pick one of your own) and write a scene that shows this emotion without stating what the emotion is. Limit your response to less than 150 words and post it in the comments to share.

Anger * Affection * Frustration * Fear * Despair * Disappointment
Panic * Sadness * Shame * Shock * Embarrassment * Disgust
Desire * Boredom * Hatred * Love * Hope * Wonder * Sorrow
Hysteria * Grief * Joy * Loathing * Regret * Shyness * Surprise

I’ll give you a few examples:

This excerpt was taken from The Help, by Kathryn Stockett, page 145. Which emotion is she conveying?

Loud voices shout in the street and both our eyes dart toward the window. We are quiet, stock-still. What would happen if someone white found out I was here on a Saturday night talking to Aibileen in her regular clothes? Would they call the police, to report a suspicious meeting? I’m suddenly sure they would. We’d be arrested because that is what they do. They’d charge us with integration violation—I read about it in the paper all the time—they despise the whites that meet with the coloreds to help with the civil rights movement. This has nothing to do with integration, but why else would we be meeting? I didn’t even bring any Miss Myrna letters as backup.

Did you guess fear? Any other emotions?

Here’s another example from The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins:

When I passed the baker’s, the smell of fresh bread was so overwhelming I felt dizzy. The ovens were in the back, and a golden glow spilled out the open kitchen door. I stood mesmerized by the heat and the luscious scent until the rain interfered, running its icy fingers down my back, forcing me back to life. I lifted the lid to the baker’s trash bin and found it spotlessly, heartlessly bare.<<

We know she’s hungry from this paragraph but does she say she’s hungry? We don’t see the word hungry anywhere, but we see, hear, feel and smell hunger. We’re right there with her because we can relate. We’ve felt hunger before.

Here’s one of mine from Love is Just a Word. Can you guess what emotion Oksana is feeling?

I pinch my eyes shut, pretending Mama’s hand is in mine now, like last night while she slept. While I searched for a way to tell her—tell her what had happened, what I had done. But it doesn’t matter now. It’s too late because I may never see her again. It’s Ludmila’s rough, fat hand in mine now. She squeezes it and I recoil from her grip, She’s as cold as the eyes of the orphans on the streets.

In a few blocks we come to another large brick building. This one is darker than the one where we left Natalia. Woeful music trails out of the open windows following the curtains that billow out in the wind. The music sounds as miserable as the inside of my heart where there is only a dull necessary beating. The music, like my heartbeat, gets louder as we approach the steps leading to the building.

Oksana is on her way to an orphanage where her Aunt Ludmila will leave her. Can you tell what Oksana is feeling?

Take the dare, share and make me care.

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