Gale or Peeta?


Which are you? A Peeta or a Gale fan?


What makes these characters different?

How are they the same?

In your opinion, (and I want to know) what personality traits make the perfect hero?

What makes you cheer for them? Why do you want them to win?

Tell me about your hero ( real life or imaginary). What is he good at? What are his flaws? (Yes, he has to have at least one. We have to be realistic in fiction or our stories won’t ring true. After all, no one’s perfect. Unfortunately, even Gale and Peeta are flawed.)

What does your hero like to do? What are his fave restaurants? Who does he hang with?

What does he like to do for fun?

As you’re reading, writing, and watching movies, think about these questions. Ask yourself what is it about your fave character that makes you care about him?

Vote. I’m serious.

Gale or Peeta? Leave me a message. Your opinion matters to me. (The verdicts still out with me. But I’m leaning toward Gale. I have to finish the series first.)

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  1. Ally says:

    Honestly? I’m team Gale all the way. I haven’t finished the third book (stuck on page 100-something and can’t seem to get any further) but a friend already told me everything – and, okay, I confess: I spoiled the ending for myself and went straight to the epilogue.
    Here’s why I’m a Gale fan: Suzanne Collins got a perfect resemblance to my ‘Perfect Hero’ (as you called it up there) with Gale. A loyal friend that truly cares.
    And… well, fine. Gale’s good looks did give him brownie points.
    My point is, I understand why most prefer Peeta. But I never really liked him, even in book 1. I always got this feeling that he pushed and pressured Katniss into falling in love with him (no matter that it was a necessary ruse for the public) until she actually did.
    Maybe it’s just me. I’ve always had this love for non-canon pairings. So what?
    As for my hero… well, I pretty much stated it up there. I don’t like having a very concrete definition of this, though, because I like to keep an open mind. Honestly, if my heart someday decides to play tricks on me and makes me fall in love, so be it. As long as I’m -genuinely- loved back, it’s all good.
    That’s yet to happen, though, so no matter.

    • Hi Ally,
      Thanks for commenting! I love your line–“A loyal friend that truly cares.” It sounds so simple, but sometimes it’s not easy to find. In fiction, a hero needs to be so much more–the top trait being someone who makes sacrifices for others. (And is good-looking and an awesome kisser.) Maybe that’s why so many women love to read romance novels–to get their fiction “fix”–something they don’t have in real life. Keep looking for your hero! He’s out there waiting.

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