Fan Friday Author: Oliver Dahl

Since I’m the FAN I get to brag.

Let the bragging begin! PLEASE WELCOME today’s teen author, blogger, musician and awesome achiever, OLIVER DAHL!

Oliver is fourteen and the oldest child out of five. He published his first book at thirteen. Yep, at 13! Want to know how? Check back this month when Oliver guest posts on HOW he published his book.

He’s one of Idaho’s Top 50 Authors and has been an aspiring author since he learned how to write. Someday he hopes to be a world-renowned author. He’s also a musician and an engineer. This guy loves to create! Check out his piano skills at his website U-Tube video: The Dreamers Adventures.

Sometimes he wears a shirt that says, “hard work pays off later, laziness pays off now.” He says he tends to live by these words, but I don’t believe him. Do you? I mean, how could he have accomplished so much in such little time if he’s wasting time? 

Oliver likes to listen to music while he writes. He recommends matching the mood of the story to the mood of the music.

He always has plenty of water and snacks nearby, so he doesn’t have an excuse to stop writing. He holes himself up in his room for long periods–sometimes writing two or more blog posts or thousands of words at a time.

(The mother in me wonders if Oliver’s room looks like this since he spends so much time there. Any comments Oliver? Want to send us a pic of your work haven?)



Oliver took the bait. He wanted all viewers to see what his real work area looks like. (He’s got an image to uphold.) Check out his REAL work haven. Sheesh, this guy’s neat, too. Or, did he clean it up first? I doubt it. I’m proud of you, Oliver. It’s no wonder you’re productive. You’re organized. It helps!

 I just got a great idea for a new post. All writers–send me a pic of your writing den, and we’ll start a Pinterest board. Whatcha think? You in? Send it at:


Oliver wrote this book during NaNoWriMo. What’s this? Click the link to find out. Thirty days and nights of literary abandon.


Cool cover, no?

THE DREAMERS, A Story of Sam Cullen


Sam Kullen is a Dreamer, which means he can control and influence events on earth in his dreams. But first, he has to save the Dream Realm from an evil villain who wants total control. (Are there any OTHER kinds of villains?) To save the Dream Realm, Sam must work together with the Dreamers, save some territories, fulfill his destiny, and, ultimately, save the world. This means he has to fight in arenas, battle on mountains, and even destroy enemy buildings. Malfix (the villain) must be stopped at all costs… and Sam is ready.

Sneak Peak:

     In the year 1910, March 31 to be exact, a relatively unknown author by the name of Edmund Huntle had a dream. Not an idea, nor a thought, but a night vision, a true dream.
     This dream was so real, so vivid and clear, that he actually crossed over the boundary that separates our reality–earth–from where we go, or where our minds go, when we dream. A place he named the Dream Realm. In his dreams, he learned how one could control or influence events on earth by shaping those events in the Dream Realm.
     Edmund Huntle traveled the world, publishing his findings in newspapers, magazines, and psychology journals. His articles were ignored and mocked by all but a select few. Those few, under the guidance and direction of Edmund Huntle, became the Dreamers.
     This small group was made up of authors, artists, architects, engineers–brilliant creators with imaginations larger than what were previously thought possible. When they dreamed, whatever they dreamed became reality. With this new-found ability, they turned the impossible possible. They were changing the world for the better.
     In April 1912, Edmund boarded a ship bound for America in search of more Dreamers. Four nights into the voyage, Edmund, quite by accident, dreamed the ship went down. That ship was the Titanic.
     The details and events of that tragic voyage can be read about in history books, and even be seen in movies. Sadly, Edmund went down with the ship.
     Due to the loss of Edmund, the Dreamers went underground. Several left the group completely, spooked by the possibilities that awaited in the Dream Realm.
     Despite this tragedy, the Dreamers didn’t give up. After much deliberation among them, they appointed another leader in 1914.
     Once again, the Dreamers flourished in world rescue, daily, until the leader dreamed about a world war.
     In the same year, his dream became true, just as Edmund Huntle before him. This “curse” plagued the leaders with a deadly grip. Up until the twenty-first century, leader after leader of the Dreamers thrived, then failed. Now, as times get more and more dire, the Dreamers are in need of more members.
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OLIVER READS his book:

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  1. Very interesting post & accomplishments. I’m thankful for your writing focus and encouragement to teen writers.

    • Thank you for taking the time to drop in and encourage Oliver, Dee. I know he will be an inspiration to other teen authors. (He is to me!) Isn’t he amazing? I’m looking forward to his guest blog posts soon, too.

  2. Oliver Dahl says:

    Haha, I just sent you a picture of my room! It’s actually really neat. I must be a lesser sort of a neat freak, too. 😛 I took the picture this morning. 🙂

  3. Kara H. says:

    “hard work pays off later, laziness pays off now.” I believe in those words! xD I got alot of my ideas for my book out of laziness… and also where can I get that shirt?! I want it! 😀

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