Wednesday’s Writing Prompt–Who Let the Cow Out?

Describe this scene. Show me your humor. Or not. Have fun with it.

Thanks to Linda Bonney Olin who shared this photo and agreed to let me post it here. The cow’s name is Leryl. And YES, she’s in Linda’s front yard. But don’t let that change the way you’d write YOUR story.

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  1. Linda Bonney Olin says:

    Hee hee .. Thanks for posting my lawn moower pic, Michelle. I’m udderly excited to see what masterpieces Leryl inspires.

  2. Linda Bonney Olin says:

    Leryl pawed the starting line with an eager snort. She might not outrun the speedy Impala, but she’d sure get better grass mileage.
    – Linda & Bill Olin

  3. Monica C. says:

    I have tried all day to come up with a legitimate thing for this cow to be doing in a front yard, and I cannot think of anything. Sigh!

    • I’m shocked. But thanks for trying. You’ll have to share a pic for next week. Something you can write about.

      I thought maybe Leryl was looking for her friend, Bessie, who’d disappeared from the pasture, too. But on her way to find Bessie, Leryl got side-tracked, finding the tastiest, richest blend of grass.

    • Linda Bonney Olin says:

      Monica, don’t feel limited to what’s legitimate. Kooky is cool.
      Maybe she’s a seeing-eye cow, waiting for her blind master to come out of the house.
      Maybe she’s a shape-shifting cattle rustler, plotting to steal the farmer’s prize bull.
      Maybe she’s a really big lawn ornament. (Better than a pink plastic flamingo.)

      • Monica C. says:

        I’m usually very kooky. Actually, perhaps instead of “legitimate,” I should have said “makes sense to me and seems amusing.” I’m not on top of my game today. I woke up tired and have felt sleepy all day! *grumble* The only thing I have is:

        “Her Moojesty, Queen Leryl, coolly examines the lawn at her summer home, checking for flaws that she will not hesitate to report to her gardeners. The royal grass must meet very exacting standards.”

        • You did it! I knew you could. Especially after being double-challenged. Perfect. Sorry you didn’t sleep well last night. You were probably plotting your novel. Right?

          • Monica C. says:

            Alas, I was doing chores until very late, although I did some in-my-head plotting while folding laundry. Does that count??

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