How to REGIFT Your Writing to Make More Money

Have you ever received a gift you didn’t need or didn’t like and regifted it? It’s a great idea–especially if you’re short on cash. But it’s kinda tacky, too. And awkward. Especially if the person who gave you the gift finds out you gave their gift away. AND the person who received the gift knows you didn’t spend a dime on them.

But in the writing profession, there are ways to REGIFT your writing that can benefit people in a positive way.

Let me show you how you can take one life experience and write over twenty articles from that same life event.

But before I do, let me give credit to two awesome ladies who taught this class at the Write to Publish Conference:  Ramona Tucker from OAK TARA Publishing, and Ginger Kolbaba, editor from The title of the class was ARTICLES TO BOOKS, BOOKS TO ARTICLES. They gave me permission to share the content of their class with you. Please check out their websites above and LIKE their pages.

Let me start with my tragic hypothetical example:

You’re driving to a party and your best friend is sitting next to you in the passenger seat of your car. You just had an argument with your boyfriend (or girlfriend) and he’s texting you. You reach for your phone and glance at his message and in this short amount of time you drive through a stop sign. Another driver pummels your car with his, smashing into your best friend. And kills her.

How do you live with that?

Many times we forget to draw from our life experiences when we write stories. Don’t OVERLOOK YOUR UNIQUE EXPERIENCES. You lived this event and even though it’s ONE experience it has the potential to make many different articles. All you have to do is change the story around to appeal to different audiences and pitch it to different magazines, tweaking it for their readership.

The story continues: After you get out of jail, you decide to write articles on your experience to help others who might have suffered a similar tragedy. Or, you might want to write about how to prevent this from happening to someone else.

Below are over twenty possible articles you could write from this experience:

1. Texting and Driving

2.How to live with yourself after killing your best friend

3. How to forgive yourself

4. How to  say good-bye to your friend

5. How to cope with low self-esteem

6. How to cope with living in jail

7. Grieving the loss of a friend

8. How to avoid drama

9. Safety while driving

10. How to get back in the car after an accident

11. What helped me cope with life in jail

12. Overcoming fear and driving

13. Why would God let this happen

14. How to celebrate your friend’s birthday without her

15. Irrational fears

16. Steps of grief

17. How not to let tragedy stop you from having friends

18. How to accept the death of a friend (A children’s book)

19. Is my friend in heaven

20. How to face my friend’s parents knowing I killed their child

21. How to minister to teens who make bad decisions

22. Teens dealing with drama – what not to do

23. Ten ways to resolve conflict in a relationship before it get’s out of hand

24. How to go on with a life after jail

Can you think of others? What about a book idea?




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