Places to Pitch in the Christian Market

Last week I attended the Write-to-Publish Conference in Wheaton, IL. Each morning there were different panel experts (editors) answering questions about their publishing houses and what articles/books they’re currently looking for. If you’re looking for freelance opportunities, a book publisher, or a way to minister your message, check out the list below.

I’ve linked the publishers and their guidelines. Study their magazines and guidelines before you pitch your ideas. Many of these magazines, and ezines, encourage teens to submit, too.

Home Health Aide Digest

Laura, Roesler, Editor

. Laura’s looking for direct, practical and easy-to-understand articles that teach home health aides how to do their jobs better, keeping the value of the patient first. Only fact-based WELL RESEARCHED articles are published. Sources need to be cited. Check out a sample magazine at the site. Articles aren’t scholarly. They’re easy to follow with practical ideas.

. Laura also needs pharmacists who can write simple articles about drugs and how they affect patients in home health care.

(Even though I’m not a nurse, doctor, or pharmacist I got an assignment based on my life experiences. I’ve been a home health aide and worked in the ER and an urgent care facility. But even if you have the experience of taking care of your own family member you might be able to contribute.)


Believers Press

Andrew Mackay, Editor

. This is a self-publishing and author services company. They have a pssion for helping writers learn how to use their work in different ways. They take the information and the research an author has gained from one project and teach them how to expand it into a book for different markets.

Submission guidelines are under the FAQ’s section.


Christian Devotions MinistrySubmission Guidelines and

Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas – Submission Guidelines

Eddie Jones, Editor

. Lighthouse doesn’t take unsolicited manuscripts. They accept book proposals through an agent or by face-to-face pitches at a writer’s conference. Their conference schedule is at their site. While you’re there check out their published books.

(Eddie is an approachable guy. He’s a great brainstorming coach, too.)



DevoKids and  Submission Guidelines

Terri Kelly, editor

Terri needs devotionals from adults and kids. She’s looking for articles on money, too.

TEENS – check out the iBegat link above. She needs teen writers.

Regular Baptist Press

Freelancers need to know the Baptist Religion. They need writers for all ages. They publish the Horizons take-home Sunday school papers.

Keys for KidsWriter’s Guidelines

This is another great teen opportunity. Check out their guidelines.

Splickety Magazine

Ben Erlichman, Editor

Ben needs short FLASH fiction. Not sure what this is? Click on Splickety for the writer’s guidelines. This is a new magazine.

“Splickety Magazine, or Splickety for short, is the premiere destination for high-quality flash fiction written from a Christian worldview. We feature contributors from all walks of life, everyone from best-selling authors all the way to new writers just beginning their publishing adventures. Our goal is to provide concise, poignant stories that our readers can enjoy despite the busyness of their everyday lives.”


Thriving Family Magazine

Writer’s Guidelines and Theme List

They need articles on special needs children, adoptive families, and car time devotions.

Ginger Kolbaba, Editor

Writer’s Guidelines

Ginger needs articles on parenting, women, and marriage that are hope-filled, spiritual, and positive. Show the delightful side of God in a positive way. Check out her theme list at the writer’s guidelines site to hone in on their particular needs.

The Christian Communicator

Lin Johnson, Editor

Submission guidelines are at the link above. Lin needs an article on research, self-editing, a first person essay about “what I learned at a writer’s conference,” or “how to decide which conference to attend,” or short antecdotes. If you can make her laugh out loud you’ll increase your chances of getting published.


Written World Communications   Rowena Kuo, Executive Editor

Radio video – listen to an interview of Rowena Kuo, Executive Editor about their imprints. She explains their publishing house and the difference between her publishing house and others. Below are several of their imprints, the other magazines they publish. Each magazine has a different audience with different needs. Also at this site are CONTESTS.

Harp Strings Magazine – Send funny stories

Star Songs – Kids write for kids. An example of what she needs is a story about a child facing something at school.

Untapped – Magazine for teens. How to say no to drugs or issues like peer pressure and drama.

Clarity – Book reviews

Timeless – This is a magazine for those 55 and older. How people cope in the winter months. In-law relationships, How they feel value

Wayside – Crime thriller, romance

World Talk – How you celebrate Easter, Christmas and the differences.

GOOD LUCK and please stop by and let me know if any of these sources worked out for you!

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  1. Fantastic Blog, Michelle! Very insightful!

    • Hi Michelle! I know you write fiction, but places like Slickety accept short fiction, and it’s a great way to get published. I’ll be blogging soon about HOW TO write flash fiction based on Ben’s (the editors) class instruction last week. I hope you are having a great writing week! (This post took forever to write because of all the links, but I’m hopeful it will help a lot of people.) Let me know if you get an assignment. Pitch something. It’s so much shorter than our fiction wips and kind of refreshing.

  2. Michelle Welsh says:

    This is a great summary! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Robin McClure says:

    Thanks for sharing these! They’re very helpful.

  4. Hi!
    I just got around to your comment on the TCWT blog–very insightful post you have here. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I’d be happy to share it. Also, I love the site design!


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