Name This Character

Today’s writing prompt:


Name this guy. Is he good or bad? What world does he live in? What is his goal, and what gets in his way?

Does he have a special skill?

In what way is he flawed?

Bring it on!

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  1. Robin McClure says:

    His name is Argi and he’s the Emperor’s most esteemed warrior. It’s his duty to protect the emperor against everything. If the Emperor dies, even a natural death, Argi will turn to stone, an so will anything he’s touching. When he falls in love with a young woman, he searches for a way to make the aging emperor immortal, so he and his love can be together forever. The main problem? He can’t leave the emperor’s side, so he has to go against his nature and his job by inviting others into the palace to help him – and he doesn’t know their motives.

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