Wednesday’s Writing Prompt

You’re walking along this trail. Describe what you see, smell, taste, hear and feel.

Use strong verbs that portray the mood of the scene.

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  1. Robin McClure says:

    So, I tried to post earlier, but I lost my internet connection, so I’m going to try again.

    The air is crisp and clear. It stings my eyes, making them water. I draw in deep gulps of air, trying to clear my mind as I trudge through the snow. My coat rustles and the snow crunches beneath my shoes. Other than that, it’s quiet. A gust of wind whips through the trees, upsetting a batch of snow, balancing precariously on a branch. I pause to re-wrap my scarf, shivering, and glance back at my tracks, almost sad at loss of the fresh, clean snow. A rabbit freezes as I continue and I pretend not to notice it, hoping he’ll understand I mean him no harm, but he remains agitated, one paw in the air and ears pointed towards me. I imagine I can see his nose twitching in fear.

    Snow slips into my shoes and I wish that I’d prepared by wearing boots. But I’m almost home.

    • Woo-hoot! Thanks for being my one brave writer. I love your sensory details, and I can almost feel the snow slipping into my boots! It feels refreshing after the hot days we’ve had, doesn’t it? Thanks for sharing your gift with us and putting it in cyber space.
      It makes me want to take a stab at it too. See you tomorrow.

      • Okay. I took a shot at this because I’m easily distracted and it looked like fun.

        The sun’s harsh rays reflected off the icy snow with the intensity of my racing heart. It flashed across the trail, screaming out my location, exposing me to the bitter truth. There was nowhere to hide. The snow crunched beneath my feet, slowing my stride. I cried out, whimpering in rhythm to my sluggish steps. Jagged breaths caught in my throat, parched from sucking the frigid air. Don’t look back. The burning in my chest told me I needed to rest, but the sound of his approaching footsteps gripped me with terror. Oh, how I wished I could fly like the blackbird cawing from the naked tree.

        • Robin McClure says:

          Oooh, I loved this. It made me want to look back and RUN.

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