Wednesday’s Writing Prompt

What is this old man saying to the child?

What words of wisdom would he pass on to the little guy/girl?

Is he singing him a song? What are the words?

Be creative: show me some inner dialogue.

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  1. Robin says:

    Charles held the baby girl up, his arthritic hands remembering better than he did how to hold a child. He turned, stepping away from the hands of waiting family members and sat, staring down into her perfect little face. It had finally happened. He was a great grandfather.
    While the conversation picked up in other parts of the room, Charles pressed his nose against her head and breathed in her scent deeply. Tears pricked his eyes as he wished Nora was there, but she’d passed three years ago, before “the kids” had even married.
    “She would be so enamored with you,” he told Baby Eleanor. “She would have cried just looking at you.” His hands shook slightly and he leaned back to steady himself. “I think there’s a good chance you’ll be just as good-looking as she was.”
    Eleanor’s eyes blinked gently before she snuggled closer, sleeping back into sleep.
    “We met before the war, you know. She was going steady with my best friend’s brother. But the first time I saw her, I never wanted to leave. When I came back from the war, I was the only one of the old set who’d lived. I asked her out to dinner before I even hugged my mother. You might not think it, but Mother was pleased. She’d always had a thing for my Nora. Thought she was right smart. And pretty, too.”
    He rocked the baby gently, falling asleep as he thought of those first days. The smiles, the laughter, the flirting. He didn’t even notice when his grandson took Eleanor to let other family members hold her.

    • Hi Robin! Oh, that was so sweet. I loved it. You write well!
      I should take a turn, but I haven’t had time to do much of anything today. Addie has been sick, so i’ve had to help take a “shift” until she feels better. At least Tropical Debby left today. The sun is shining, the birds chirping, and the kids swimming.Unfortunately the horse barn was hit with a tornado so the girls aren’t able to ride horses–which was why we came. Ugh! Hopefully they’ll be able to ride toward the weekend, after the fences and the roof are mended.
      Thanks for contributing today!

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