Random Writing Rants Welcomes Writer ROBIN!

(Try saying that really fast five times!)

If you haven’t noticed, please do now. RANDOM has a new contributor– ROBIN.

I met Robin at a local writer’s group meeting where we read and critiqued each other’s wips. She likes to write YA Fantasy, which I enjoy, too.

After getting to know her dedication and heart for writing I asked her to share her knowledge with you at this blog and she agreed! It’s great to share the LOVE of writing with someone who’s as obsessed with it as I am. Robin brings a much younger perspective to this hang-out and I’m enjoying her presence.

I prayed for years for God to send me a crit partner and He has. Robin has no problem telling me when my stories are going off course–which happens often as I’m nicknamed the THE RANDOM SUBJECT GENERATOR and occasionally struggle with staying FOCUSED on my story message. I appreciate her and look forward to her contribution to Random’s success.

I asked Robin for WEEKS to send me a BIO but she’s shy. She’s a talented, but humble writer who wasn’t comfortable tootling her own horn. So I’ll blare it for her. Here’s who Robin is:

I’m a freelance writer who primarily writes content for web-based companies, though I also write some newspaper and magazine pieces, especially travel pieces. I have a background in French and journalism and I love to travel. My husband and I have a little dog who weighs about 10 pounds, is convinced that my computer is her nemesis and assumes that if anything is “cute”, she’s being discussed.

I firmly believe that if you’re alive, you’re learning, and that when you share what you know, you hone your own skills. On Mondays, I’ll address problems many writers face and ways to overcome them. On Thursdays, I plan to share a practical exercise that can boost your creativity and strengthen your imagination long-term.

My current long works in progress are: The Beast, Trapped and Between Today and Tomorrow. Short fiction WIPs include: Memory Line Candies, Escape, Black Knight Red Princess, Council at Midnight and The Outcasts.


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  1. Yay Robin!

  2. I’m glad for you, Michelle, and welcome, Robin, in being talented hands-on critique partners. You two will enrich each other while going onward and upward!

    • Thanks! I agree and am looking forward to seeing our mutual interest make us better writers and better encouragers here!
      As always, thanks SO MUCH for being our encourager. You’re awesome!

  3. Robin says:

    Thanks Melody and Delores! I’m so excited to be here!

  4. Welcome, Robin. Looking forward to your many positive, and expert contributions to this site. Blessings.

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