What Would You Do?

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to drive a few hours and go to a book signing for one of my favorite authors (James Rollins). I convinced one of my best friends to go with me and we met up with another friend (who lives only one hour away, instead of three). Unfortunately, we made a wrong turn and it took an extra hour to get there. The good news is we were able to enjoy some fantastic views of Lake Michigan and Chicago. And I’m super psyched because I won the book I was going to buy.

Today, I want you to imagine that you were given a brand new computer, exactly the type of computer you would have purchased for yourself, if you could. It’s in perfect working order, it has unbelievable memory and space. The screen is  big and beautiful. It has all of the software you could possibly want is already on it. If it’s a laptop (some people still prefer desktops and that’s okay), it’s lightweight and a fully-charged battery will last you a full day.

What do you do with your old computer? Give yourself five minutes to come up with as many things as possible that you can do with your computer. Don’t limit yourself to things you would actually do, but those are good, too. Remember that this exercise is about creativity, imagination and considering options from a different perspective. Above all, have fun!

When you’re done, share some of your favorites with us.

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  1. My major name “old” computer was just bought last mid-Nov. & is under warranty but already had total hard drive & mother board failure. The factory reloaded the wrong drivers and my local Office Depot is becoming my hero to sort out the mess. We know some files I thought were backed up didn’t make it past May 5th. I’m going to try to love my “old” computer again once it is restored to me. I will not rely on it as a new fail-proof system but back everything up thoroughly. If I had a brand new one, I would identify whichyoung (or otherwise) person shows writing promise and have great joy in giving them my oldster, either personally or anonymously. I’ve given two replaced computers to grandchildren and that has turned out well. I love doing that when posible and opening new doors for recipients.

  2. I’d like to come up with some creative answers, but the truth is that it would end up in the same place all our old computers are… the back corner of our garage, right behind the old chairs I bought to refinish (I’ll get to it some day), Christmas decorations, and leftover paint that has congealed into latex disks in the bottom of rusted metal cans. The garage… final resting place for all manner of crap… where packrats pack, leaving a legacy of unwanted detritus for their children who will one day have to pay someone to haul it all to the dump.

    Kate Worth

  3. Robin says:

    Delores – I love the idea of donating a computer to aspiring writers.

  4. Robin says:

    Kate – At least you have a specific space for your (actual) old computers. Mine are all over the house (I’m a little hard on the poor things, so they don’t work at all) – the bedroom, in the office under the storage shelf and in the kitchen, leveling the old table I use as a counter…

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