Wednesday’s Writing Prompt

This is your character’s view from her terrace. Describe what she’s thinking, her hopes and dreams, and her concerns as she gazes out and sips her morning coffee. What is she worried about? What is she happy about? What are her goals? Use the five senses in creating her emotion for the day.

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  1. Kara Harris says:

    Amber sighed as she looked at what the servents called coffee that was placed infront of her along with some pastries.She then sniffed the coffee as she picked it up. It was a dark black color and had a real strong odor, but couldn’t really describe it other then bitter. “This… is coffee? It smells… weird… But Jet said it was good, so…” she thought as she then took a sip. “Ugh!” said Amber as she placed the cup down like the smell the taste was verry bitter and didn’t have any flavor to it. “That’s the last time I take advice from Jet!” She then sighed again as she looked out at the turquoise sea as the waves splashed up against the gray rocky shore that surrounded the tropical island. “I know this is a war base… but how could anyone think about war when they are in a beautiful place like this?” thought Amber as she felt soft morning breeze as it gently blew the hair out of her face for her and smiled as she smelled the salty sea that rode the wind. “Why can’t I just stay here? I want to just have fun on the sandy beaches like the one I was on yesterday… but no… I’m the Omni, I’m the savior, I basically can’t have fun at all!” said Amber frustrated. “Just think about the war, the battle plans, and the brother who wants to kill me!” (Spolier alert!)
    The door then opened as she turned to see another servent. “Miss. Amber, I came to get you for the meeting.”
    Amber sighed as I stood up and grabbed a pastry and popped it in her mouth “Alright,” I said with my mouth full.
    “Here we go again… Another meeting… I know I have to save the world, but why does there have to be so many meetings about it!” thought Amber as she followed the servent. Her face calm, but her thoughts full of anger. “I want action! I can’t just sit around eating donuts while others are dieing… I think that’s what I’ll do! I’m going to tell those leaders to actually put me in the action! I’m done with the training! Let me fight!”

  2. Hi Kara!
    Wow, thanks for stopping by and participating in the writing prompt. Well done!
    I liked that we could smell and taste Amber’s coffee and the pastries, hear the ocean’s waves and feel the breeze on her face. Good use of the senses. We also heard internal dialogue and felt her emotion for the scene: frustration and impatience. She’s ready for battle now!

  3. Kara Harris says:

    You welcome and thanks ^^

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