What Can You Do With a Spoon?

Silver SpoonTo get your creativity sparking today, set an alarm for three minutes and start writing what you can do with a spoon. If you have a spoon nearby, pick it up and hold it. It might lead to more ideas. Try not to limit yourself and don’t stop yourself from putting anything down. Put your pen down or close the document when the alarm goes off and set another alarm for a minute. Just sit and think for a minute. Then, take a final minute to write down a few more things about what you can do with a spoon.

What did you learn from this divergent thinking exercise?

Did you feel that as you progressed your ideas became more original? Did you have to think a little harder to come up with new things?

I tend to find that towards the end of the first three minutes, I’m lagging for ideas, but when the last minute comes along, the little break has re-sparked my creativity and I have more ideas than I can get down in that list minute. Was that true for you, too?


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  1. Hi Robin, Great post!
    I think this idea sounds great for erasing my mind of all the extra stress going on right now, too. I’m going to make time to do this today.

  2. Robin says:

    Hey Michelle!

    I hope the exercise relaxes you!

  3. Sounds like a fun exercise. I’ll have to come back to try it later. Of course, I might have such things as defeating a ninja-assassin warrior on the list. 😉

    • Robin McClure says:

      Lauren – that’s perfect! So very creative.
      And I would totally love to see it. Can you maybe make a video?

      • Robin – thank you. I have my Dad’s gift of coming up with the absurd out of normal items.
        I would, but the ninja assassins stopped attacking me when I used a McDonald’s straw to take out three of them. 😉

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