What Can You Do With a Peanut?

I just read that George Washington Carver came up with 300 different uses for a peanut. If that’s not creative divergent thinking, I don’t know what it is.  I think that if he could come up with 300 different uses, we can all come up with at least 10 different things. So, what things can you think of to do with a peanut?

There are a number of ways to work this activity. One is to set an alarm for a few minutes and to come up with all of the possible options, wait for a moment and then come up with more options. You can also just sit down and come up with a whole list of ideas.


So… what are the most innovative things you can think of to do with a peanut (or peanuts)?



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  1. Hi Robin!
    Besides eating them, I’d like to string them together, end to end, and hang them on the Christmas tree. Not now, but in December. I must not be creative this morning because I can’t think of too many other innovative ideas.
    Have a great writing day!

    • Robin says:

      That’s interesting! I’ve never heard of doing that before!

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