Divergent Thinking: Road Trip Style

If you’re with a group of friends or on a road trip or just trying to get your brain rolling, you can use a twist on this divergent thinking game. While on vacation with my brother and sister, my brother, who’s an engineer, recommended it. We each took turns naming an object and then went in a circle listing all of the things you could do with it (sometimes someone passed). I think if we hadn’t been on the road we would have scored it, somehow, but it was still fun. Some of the items we came up with included:

  • Sandal (you could use it as unit of measurement, for instance)
  • Pen (drumstick)
  • Key (melt it down and make a bullet – I think the brother was getting sick of us girls at this point)

It was a fun way to pass the time and it wasn’t the alphabet game, so we were pretty happy.

You can even do it on your own:

What items can you think of? What could you do with them (remember, it doesn’t have to be realistic – in addition to using the sandal as a unit of measurement, I suggested making it bigger to float people down a river on it. The siblings protested, but hey, I still like it). Come up with two or three ideas for an object or exhaust all of the possibilities. It can be a good exercise to get your creative juices flowing while you’re walking the dog or driving to work.

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