What’s Your Character Wearing?

I love clothes. I will never have enough money to buy all the clothes and shoes that I want. That’s okay. As long as I can dress my characters any way I please.

Take a moment and think about one of your characters. Imagine he or she is sitting at home with no plans for the night. What is he or she wearing?

Shoes and socks? Or just socks? Or is your character barefoot?

Chilling in jeans? Yoga pants? Pajamas? Only underwear? A tux? A suit? A skirt? A dress?

A t-shirt? A jersey? A nice top? A blouse?


Work clothes?


What does what your character is wearing tell you about the character? What does it say about his/her relationship with the people he or she lives with? (Family, roommate significant other, spouse). What about the other people they spend time with?

Even if you never include what your character wears on his/her own in the story, it can help you to develop your character’s personality and get to know something about them, including what they think about other people and what they want.

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  1. Hi Robin,
    I recently read a friend’s wip–a YA novel–and she wrote beautiful prose about her character’s wardrobe. It really helped define the girl’s personality. The author also named the color of lipstick she wore, which often matched her mood. And made me laugh.
    A certain wardrobe can speak volumes about a character.
    Great thoughts!

  2. Robin says:

    Interesting. That’s so clever that she named the color of the lipstick. How cute!

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