New Experiences and Creativity

If you do the same thing you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.

What are your habits? Do you always wake up at 5am and go to bed at 9pm? What if you woke up an hour later and stayed up an hour later?

Do you always drive or walk the same way to work or school? What if you go a different direction?

Do you always take the dog for a walk at the same time and in the same circle – Switch directions or go at a different time (Good for the dog, too)

Have you never seen an opera? See one. Have you never gone to church? Try one. Have you always gone to the same church? Or the same church service? Try a different one.

Do you always eat the same thing for lunch? Or have it at the same time? Try something else. Or eat it in a different place.

Do you talk to the same people every day? Talk to someone new. 

The world is full of possibilities and choices.  If you always make the same decisions and interact with the same people, you won’t experience anything new. Have new experiences or make different choices – make a choice to do a few things differently. See how it can affect your writing to put yourself in a situation where you’re less comfortable.

I noticed that when I walked the dog in a different direction, my neighbor’s kids didn’t see us coming (which the dog hated, but it kept me from having to ask them to ask their mom if they can pet her and it kept her from glaring daggers at me as she told them okay). The dog ran around, smelling everything like she’d never seen it before. And I noticed the buildings differently. I even noticed the campus differently (I live near a college campus – perfect for dog walks). Different buildings stuck out. Some buildings had ivy, which I’d never noticed.

What does changing just a few things do for you?

What are three things you can change in your day or your week?

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  1. I need to wake up earlier and write at 5 am instead of 7. I’d like to walk my dog downtown instead of in my neighborhood. Just think of the people I’d meet. My goldendoodle is a people catcher. They notice her. And I want to make her my mascot to travel with me at book signings. (Some day. I can dream.) The third thing I’d like to do is take different roads to my weekly destinations. I might find a short cut or discover a store I’ve never seen before. Great ideas, Robin!

    • Robin says:

      I love the idea of making your dog you rmascot! That’s adorable. And I’d bet she’d love it, too. Just imagine how many books you’d sell just because someone saw the dog and decided to stop by!

  2. mark says:

    OVERLOAD! Can I opt for a monthly bundle instead of this almost daily bombardment of inspiration. Never mind writers block, I’ve got deluge. I feel like a balloon that stays inflated without a tie!

    I tried mixing it up dogwalking but he took me to some really strange places and the collar chafed my neck, woof!

  3. Hi Mark –
    Ha, your pov from your dog made me laugh. Hope his chafe neck has healed.
    Are you serious about only getting a “weekly” dump of info from us? We’re actually looking into this. I’ve been talking to our tech designer about turning our blog into more of a weekly magazine so you’d get a clump of posts from all over the web about writerly stuff once a week. Stay tuned.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  4. I love this post, ROBIN. I understand what you mean. I noticed a long time ago that I’m most creative during the summer, which is where I meet new people every single week, have new experiences, and also don’t have much time to write. Even with the time constraints, I still somehow manage to write more words in a summer than I do the entire rest of the year.

    As for doing things different this week, I think I have that pretty well covered right now. Winter Break is hectic for me this year. Hope you all are doing well!

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