What Can You Do With a Button?

For this divergent thinking post, pick up a button. Touch it. Feel it. What could you use it for? Set an alarm for 3-5 minutes and try to come up with all of the possible uses you can have for a button. Did it get easier as you went? Harder?

Take a minute break. This will give you time to recharge and it will give your brain the chance to process things.

When you go back, set another minute and see what new things you can come up with.
What are some of your favorites?

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  1. Make earrings, a purse, string them together for a Christmas tree decoration, sew them on purses, shirts, hats and baseball caps. Sew them on the side of a chair or a couch, draperies, or use assorted ones for a shirt, making sure none of them match. Paste them together on a piece of cardboard and make a book mark, sew them onto barrettes for your hair, dangle them from light fixtures, use them as tufts for pillows, sew them on golf towels, kitchen towels, and bath towels, sew them on the side of tennis shoes to personalize them, Make name tags out of them,

    That three minutes went fast. I’ll do it again and see if my novel writing improves. Thanks for this exercise, Robin!

  2. Robin says:

    Michelle, you came up with waaaaay more than I did! I love your ideas! I hope it got your creative juices flowing — any feedback on that end?

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