For this divergent thinking exercise, imagine waking up one morning and learning that you’re invisible.

No one can see you.

You can’t see you.

What would you do? Where would you go? How would you act? What decisions would you make?

Now imagine that you wake up and everyone is invisible. What things would change? How would people act? How would they interact? How would they get from one place to the next?

What if everyone is invisible except for you? How does that change things?

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  1. Oh, my! I love the idea of being invisible. At first it would be a blast to be a nosy, sneaky girl, but that wouldn’t last because I wouldn’t want to hear and see people’s dysfunctional families when they didn’t think anyone was watching. Instead, I think I’d use my “disability” to my advantage and travel to places and into board meetings where I could get the inside scoop. Think of the stories I’d have. I think this would be a writer’s dream, don’t you?

    However, I would not like everyone else to be invisible. No way. I’d hate that feeling of being totally alone. I’d definitely go insane. without a doubt.

    Great exercises, Robin! It gets me thinking about a new plot. Cool!

    • Robin says:

      I love the idea of being invisible, too. I’ve always wanted to be invisible or to fly. I’m just too nosy for my own good. But, I think that after awhile of being invisible, I would want to be seen again, and if I couldn’t become visible at will, it would get old really quickly.

      I think it would be frustrating if everyone was invisible. You’d have to get used to interacting with people you couldn’t see. Communication would depend a lot more on tone and the actual meaning of words. Now, it’s something like 90% nonverbal. I think that would be an interesting change.

      It would be worse, though, if everyone except you was invisible.

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