What Can You Do With a Spatula?

Before we met, the only thing my husband knew about a spatula was that his mom used it to spank him when he misbehaved (if she could catch him). He didn’t even know it was a cooking utensil.

For this exercise, think about what you could use a spatula to do. It can be as simple or as complicated as you like. The point is to come up with new ideas. Divergent thinking exercises, like this, will give you the opportunity to expand your mind so that when you want to do a creative exercise, you have more than just the first idea that comes to mind. It can provide you with the ability to develop new ideas that are more original so that you’re not falling back on clichés.

So. What did you think of?

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  1. Rubber spatulas are great musical instruments for percussion against the hand (to put a positive spin on their possible use).

    • Robin says:

      I like that one! When I asked my little niece about it, she used it as a bridge for her stuffed animals to cross over the scary bowl of cake batter. Not one I would have considered.

  2. Well, this brings back good memories. I used to sneak into the kitchen, and when my mom was not looking, I would grab a spatula, hide behind the house, and use it as a shovel to dig up holes. Once i would finish, I would throw them away. My mom often wondered what she had done with them, and would be forced to buy another one. The cycled continued. I never told her. She must have thought that she was going nuts.

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