Divergent Thinking Exercise: The Color of the Sky

For this divergent exercise stop right now, go to the window or door, and study the sky.

What color is it?

It’s easy to say “blue”, but before you do that, really go and look at it. Is it light blue? Dark blue? Or maybe it’s not blue at all, but black or gray or yellow or pink or gold or purple. Maybe it’s green.

At different times of day, with different types of weather and at different times of year, the sky will be different colors. And it’s probably not one color.

Look at it again. In the blue sky, do you see traces of darker and lighter shades? What about some white?

Think about the colors.

Then, for each color you see, think about 2-3 other things that are also that color.

Now, spend a minute thinking of ways you could use those things.

For instance, right now, the sky is a pearly gray, with some white clouds thrown in and a few really dark rain clouds that look almost black.

Some soda cans have some pearly gray in them, especially diet drinks. So are the walls in my basement. So is my husband’s old army shirt (which I happen to be wearing – super comfy).

My Wii balance board is white. So is my printing paper. So are the thin curtains on my windows.

My dog’s old worn out toy bear is black. The back of our TV is black with a light sheen of dust, so it matches the clouds almost perfectly. My husband’s work hat is also a dark gray/black.

(Note: It doesn’t have to be something you see. It probably shouldn’t be. But since that’s what I came up with, that’s what I’m using.)

I could use the soda cans to build a tower. I could use them to set up just inside the door to scare the dog if she tries to come into the bedroom. I could tie them to the back of a friend’s car (actually, I think that’s illegal now). I could string them together to use as a phone. I could cut them into pieces and paint them and have pretty little ornaments for my Christmas tree.

I could use the walls of my basement as a fortress. I could also use them as a practice ground for aspiring archaeologists. I could probably also use them as an art canvas.

The old army shirt… I could sew it together and make it into a pillow – after he wears it, of course. Happy dreams guaranteed. I could stuff it for a Scarecrow in October. I could cut it up and use it to make a quilt. I could also cut it up and use it as a dishrag.

That’s all I’m going to share. But what about you… what can you think of?

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  1. Hi Robin-
    Love this exercise. At first it made me think about how I play “I Spy” with Alanna, my granddaughter. We were waiting for an hour at the eye doctors this week in a room of NOTHING. (How do you entertain a child in a room like that for an hour?). We talked about color and what monochromatic means. We talked about how many black things there were in the room, their different sizes, shapes, and textures, and made each other guess what we were spying.

    I laughed out loud picturing your dog walking into a room with pop cans tinkering down on him. That would not be good.

    Thanks for sharing this today!

  2. Robin says:

    Michelle – that’s a great way to do it. How do they not have anything in a waiting room for kids to do? That’s ridiculous. But it sounds like you were able to entertain one another a little bit, so that’s good. I like that you discussed the textures and shapes, too. That’s an interesting twist that I’ve never heard of/thought of.

    I promise, I would use empty cans if I set them up as a trap for her. But hopefully it would teach her that she needs to stay out.

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