What Can You Do With a Soda Can?

Morguefile.com courtesy of o0o0xmods0o0o

Morguefile.com courtesy of o0o0xmods0o0o

How many things can you do with a soda can — or several soda cans?

Write down all of the things you can possibly think of that you can do with a soda can – empty or full. Include the obvious ones because they’ll make way for more unique ones.

This week, instead of setting an alarm, sit down and think of all of the ideas you can possibly come up with. Then, in a few hours, read through the ideas you had and write down any other ideas you come up.

I put a few of my ideas below, but to read them you’ll have to highlight them with your cursor so you don’t read them on accident. (I always accidentally read things before I’m ready, so I thought I’d be cautious.)

My Possibilities:

  • Drink it
  • Cut them up to make ornaments
  • String them together to make a telephone 
  • Stack them up in front of the door as a burglar alert
  • Tie them to a newly-married couple’s car
  • Smash them and turn them in for (a small amount of) cash
  • Tie it (with a string) to the dog’s tail so it follows her around making noise

What are some of the ideas you came up with?

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  1. This was cool. How clever to WHITE out your answers! I started looking–just to see how you did this–and stopped myself before I read your answers, so I could come up with my own creative ideas.
    When I see pop cans I see cigarette butts in them.
    Once, in an art class, we crushed one and then drew it, concentrating on the shadows and deep lines.
    One idea would be to smash them flat and put them in a loose bag for sound affects. I’m not sure where you’d need that noise maker, but I think I’d like the clanking sound. Can you paint aluminum? If so, you could paint one, cut open the top, and make it a vase. Or, you could cover it with small strips of paper, glue them on and shellac them to make a vase.
    I could see them strung together in someone’s backyard, hanging from the rafters of an outside porch and strung with lights around them. It would be cool to keep the cans all in one theme–like different beer, different cola’s, or all the same non-cola’s. They’d clank together in the wind keeping birds away too. Actually, I could see this on one of my character’s porches. It tells something about their personality. Ha!
    Thanks, Robin!

    • Robin says:

      Those are awesome ideas. So creative! I LOVE the idea of the hanging from rafters outside of someone’s house. I mean, I probably wouldn’t love it if it was one of my neighbors, but for a character it’s awesome.

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