Why Should You Gobble Up Critiques? by Natasha Sapienzia

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Natasha Sapienza

Today’s post is written by Natasha, a writer I met at the writer’s conference last week. When Natasha walks into a room her whole presence shines. You can’t miss her. She stands out like white on a black sheet of paper. I was instantly drawn to her because I love to hang with positive people. She’s definitely one of those. Please welcome my new friend, Natasha.

Natasha Sapienza is a writer, blogger, actress, YouTuber, and singer. She has a passion for young adults, hence her fantasy trilogy geared toward fourteen to eighteen-year-olds, and her relationship blog (BetterThanEdward.com), and YouTube channel (Youtube.com/NatashaSapienza). She has written a memoir chronicling her search for her prince, and discovery of the King, and co-written a feature-length drama. Her desire is to be used as a vessel of gold who stewards the spirit of excellence along with the compelling love of Christ to draw many closer to Him.


Gobble up critiques as if your very life depended on it!

Last week I attended the 2013 Florida Christian Writer’s Conference and again met with the epic BRYAN DAVIS, author of the Dragons in Our Midst series, along with several others. This man has some serious creds; he’s sold over a million books and has been number one in CBA Young Adult best-sellers lists.

But you know what’s incredible?

He went through 200 rejections before finally getting published. Talk about perseverance! This man—although clearly not many agreed­—knew that God had called him to write, so he didn’t give up until it happened; all this to say he is now an awesome writer and teacher, one I dub Obi-Wan Brynobi. I love this Jedi, but when critiquing your work, he devours it, chews on it, shreds it to pieces, and then vomits it back out. But let me tell you, it is the most beautiful and appealing vomit you’ve ever seen.

So where am I getting with this?

Gobble up critiques! Don’t fear them! We as writers need multiple pairs of eyes reviewing our work if we want it to be perfect. Even Bryan confesses he needs an editor (who happens to be his wife), and we must also accept this truth.

 “Where there is no guidance the people fall,

But in abundance of counselors there is victory.”-Proverbs 11:14

If you want to be successful, seek guidance, embrace critiques from seasoned authors and editors, and even just readers in your target audience. I promise you your writing will grow so much if you take the critiques and apply them immediately.

I remember Bryan’s first critique of my work at last year’s conference; there were red markings everywhere! But that didn’t discourage me, it taught me. And now—only a year later­—Bryan says he believes I’m going to be published very soon.

Pray about having a teachable spirit. God will answer, and you too will be that much closer to getting your baby published.

How have critiques helped you?


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