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What are you about?

Each time someone lands at your website and clicks on your ABOUT PAGE, they meet you, some for the first time. Experts say you have between seven and seventeen seconds to make a good first impression. Are you making the best possible impression? Is it the impression you want to make? Or, are you boring your readers?

If you’re like me you want readers to like you. But will they? Let me show you how to make a better first impression. After all, we’re writers. We should know how to use words to draw an audience, right?.

Here are a few tips on how to make your ABOUT PAGE shine.

1. Read your script out loud. Does it sound clunky? Do you have commas in the right place and have you used proper grammar?

2. Avoid adjectives and adverbs, use strong verbs instead. (Sound familiar?)

3. Let your personality shine. Write like you’re talking to a person who’s sitting across the table from you sharing a cup of coffee.

4. What do you want readers to do at your website? What’s the “call to action?” Is it to leave a comment, tell a friend about you or your book, subscribe to your newsletter? Even if it’s to buy your book, why should they buy yours and not someone else’s? What makes yours different? What will they gain or learn by reading your book?

5. Is your ABOUT PAGE all about YOU? If so, delete it. Your About Page should be about what you can do for your readers. (Click that sentence to tweet it.) Think of how you can benefit your readers or visitors, instead. What can you provide them? What perceived need can you fill? They don’t care about you as much as they care about how you can help them, or what you can provide them. Even if you’re only there to offer encouragement, let them know. Look at your page from your reader’s point-of-view. If you’re a writer than you should be good at thinking from someone else’s point-of-view, right?

6. Your about page is a sales page. What? You say, I’m not selling anything. But you are. You should be. Maybe not yet, but you will be, right? What do you hope to sell? Maybe you want to sell you as a writer or sell your books. But what if you don’t have anything published yet? That’s okay. You will. And until that happens you have a purpose for your blog, right? What’s its purpose? Is it to share information about the writing industry? Is it to share inspirational stories or quotes? Or help mothers with autistic children? What’s your message? If you aren’t sure what your message is then read this post HERE about what makes a blog successful. It might help you refocus your niche.

7. Even if your blog is to encourage writers, you’re selling the fact that you can do what you say you can. Who do you encourage? How? Or, if your blog is to only show your writing, you’re still selling yourself. You’re offering your readers a place to escape, a place to be entertained. They’re giving up their time to visit you, so give them a reason to stay or visit again.

Have you seen a great ABOUT ME page recently? Please share the link.
(This post was inspired by THIS at Danny Iny’s of  Firepole Marketing.)

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  1. Kara Harris says:

    Man, this is what I need! (I am currently working on my about page) This will defiantly help me!

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