How to Write a Novel in 3 Days?


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“A writer who pushes to completion not only writes quickly, but brilliantly. Your goal should not be “Make it perfect,” but, “Write it fast!” If you focus on writing fast, you will write well. If you focus on perfection, your writing will be slow–and it won’t be good. By pushing yourself to write quickly, like Stevenson, like Bradbury, like Steinbeck, like Chekhov, you engage the intuitive, creative centers of your brain. You invoke the creative Muse. You invite the lightning to strike–and you tap in to the miracle of writing “in the zone.” Jim Denney


My friend and fellow author, Jim Denney, posted a link this week titled, “How to Write a Novel in 3 Days,” at his BLOG, Unearthly Fiction.  That really beats my theory of writing it in 30, doesn’t it?

For those of you who follow our blog, you’ll remember that Jim did a series of posts on HOW to WRITE FAST, and HOW TO AVOID WRITER’S BLOCK. Now, he’s written a little NaNoWriMo handbook about this topic. You can find it at Amazon HERE. His posts continue to bring visitors to our page, so I’m confident there are many writers who want to know how to write faster. If that’s you, check out his book.

I like to recommend good writing books, so here it goes: Buy Jim’s book if you can spare the $2.99. Especially if you’re one of those writers with excuse-itis. (That’s my own made-up word for writers who make excuses for not making word count goals.)

If Jim’s book doesn’t light a fire in your fingertips then you don’t have the will to write, because you’ll have no excuse. He’ll get you going. That’s a challenge. Jim inspires you. He validates your writing frustrations too. He understands writers like us.

I hope you’re having a great writing week!


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