Omni, The Hunted, by Teen Author, Kara Harris

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Kara Harris, Author

Please welcome teen author, Kara Harris to our blog today. Kara is a high school senior in my home town. I’ve known her since she was in preschool, so it’s exciting to see her blossom into an author. I’m proud of her. I hope you’ll be her fan too!


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 What is your book about?

The world use to be a peaceful place, but now it’s in a terrible war. Only one person can bring peace, but what happens when he falls into darkness? Humans now rule and mutants are hunted down and captured to fight each other for the humans’ entertainment. The Omni, the savior of the world, betrayed the world and now it’s out of balance. Years later a new Omni appeared. The fight has begun, her adventures take her to the land of the humans, the blood covered Coliseum and into battles with her own kind. How far will she go to save the only family she has left? Will she come back a hero? Or die trying?

Who is your main character?

A fourteen-year-old girl named Amber

What’s her goal?

Amber’s goal is to save her cousin, Jeff.

What changes in her life that launches her on her quest?

When she actually hears that her cousin is still alive.

What are his stakes if she doesn’t reach her goal?

They will both die

How long did it take you to write this novel?

It took me about 6 years in total to write this novel

Did you have it professionally edited?

It was edited by my father.

Did you draw the world on paper or in your head?

The world was drawn in my head, but I did draw some of the characters

What do you want to in college?

I am looking at a creative writing major at Ball State, but for the most part I am undecided.

How many books do you see yourself writing in your lifetime?

I plan to continue the Omni series and would like to continue writing throughout my life.

Will you always write fantasy?

In the beginning I will continue to write fantasy, but I would like to explore other types of writing

Is there another genre you’d like to write?

I would probably like to write a book with an adventure genre

What do you do for fun?

I like reading and writing, but also like biking, video games, camping, band and hanging with friends.

What’s the most difficult part of writing? (Example: beginning, the middle, the fast draft, the rewrites)

I have to say the rewrites and the editing

Do you have a blog or website where readers can find you?

I do have a blog for the book, but still under development I still haven’t put anything on the “About me” page and I might want to change some things. But if you still want to look at it the link is here: Kara’s Blog 

How many words do you write a day? Do you have a daily goal?

I do not have a daily goal at this point of time, even though I should. I’m working on the second book right now, but I’m not sure how I want the plot to go yet so I’m sort of hesitant of writing.

Are you working anywhere this summer? How do you pay for all your “book” stuff?

I am not working right now and my parents pay for my book stuff which for my first book was only the book cover.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

I someday really want to meet Suzanne Collins and thank her for inspiring me to read and James Patterson for helping me with ideas for my book.

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  1. I read the first few pages on Amazon, and it looks like a very intriguing book. I love to see young folks publishing their books and following their dreams. All the best!

  2. Kara,
    What a great accomplishment you have so far – a book. Congratulations for pursuing your dream so young. Too many of us waited until “later.” But life never really presents an opportunity to do something like this; you just have to do it. Kudos to you.

  3. This looks great! 😀 Congrats on becoming a published author, Kara!

    (Just thought you’d like to know that there is a typo in your trailer: at 1:12 it says, “and I also realize somthing.”)

  4. Hey Kara! You know me already, but a question came up while I read this. Have you read the Underland Chronicles by Suzanne Collins? Seeing as you’re such a fan, I’m assuming so, but just wanted to make sure you have! (And if you haven’t, you really need to!)

    • Kara Harris says:

      Yes I have ^^ It was the book that made me want to read more when I was a kid. You can say it all started with that book.

  5. Robin says:

    Congratulations on the book! That’s such an exciting accomplishment!

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