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Please welcome awesome teen writer and author, Alyshia Marie Hull. Despite having a learning disability, she’s accomplished an enormous feat–she’s written and published a novel. I hope she’s an inspiration to you today. She is to me! Please take a minute to be her fan.

How many books have you written?

I have written 3 books, two children’s and one novel. The children’s books are not opened to the public. They were just simply gifts for two people who have made a large impact on my life!

How old are you?

I just turned 16 last Friday!

Happy Birthday! Where can readers find your books?

Readers  can order them through me or online at Amazon. com HERE.

Which story was your favorite to write?

I am very happy with each story I have written. A Thousand Miles, my novel, is a story I have gone far with. But without the two other children’s books I would not be where I am today!

I have loved writing since I was in grade school. Either little passages or stories that were assigned to me. I would always try to complete them to my fullest.

I love stories. I enjoy Nicholas Sparks. He’s been a huge inspiration to me. I also really like mystery and fiction. Nicholas Sparks is my role model.

Do you have a favorite actress?

Jennifer Love Hewitt is my favorite actress! One day I hope to be half as kind and inspiring as she is.

Do you have a mentor?

Author Lisa M. Buske has been such a huge mentor to me. She has made a large impact in my life. I know there is no way to explain how great she has been. Thank you, could never be enough in my mind. (Here’s Lisa’s post about Alyshia.)

Lisa said this about Alyshia, “Some students will rebel and try to hide from their learning disabilities and struggles, but this young woman, Miss Alyshia Marie Hull, embraces them and uses them to motivate her to do more, go above and beyond, and reach her goals. Rock on Alyshia!”

Did your English teachers encourage your talent?

Yes, I would be no where with out them. English class is by far my favorite and I have them to thank for it. My school is extremely lucky to have teachers like them I know I am. Parts of my novel, A Thousand Miles are real. I think it’s easier if you have experienced what your putting into your novel. If I don’t believe in my writing my readers certainly won’t.

I noticed you have a FB page where you’re trying to get on ELLEN. Why do you think you should be considered?

I think Ellen should consider me as a guest because its what I’ve worked hard for. I would do anything for my novel. I’m not afraid to push my limits or color outside the lines. I have put a target on the things I want out of life. My novel was something I wanted, so I aimed for it, worked hard and got it. Now its time to take it a step further and keep trying. If Ellen knew what I’ve done so far I think and hope she would consider me.

How can readers help you get on Ellen?

If my readers could tweet me into Ellen that’s great. But more then anything I ask them to believe in me and with that being said I would not let them down! (Please LIKE Alyshia’s ELLEN page HERE.) Here’s Alyshia Twitter address:  ia@athousandmiles4

What’s your favorite subject?

School as always been extremely hard for me. But English never has been. It’s what I can do, it is what I love so I highlighted it in my life! I have talked in front of numerous people and groups of kids through out my journey with my novel. Some class rooms and some students reactions are the ones I hold in my heart forever. I have memories in my mind that inspire me each and every day to keep going.

Do you plan on a career as a novelist?

Yes, I do see my self as a novelist in the future. Sure I want to try new things and see the world. But that doesn’t mean I should limit what I love most to do so. I know I live once and I am going to live it to the fullest.

What’s something about you that might surprise readers?

Something that may surprise others is how hard I worked to be where I am now! I will never forget the time I talked in front of this one class room. I went around the room asking the students what their biggest dreams were. Many said to do art, to own a home, and a few said to write! I got to this one girl who sat in a wheel chair. She was incapable of speaking. She typed her answer into her iPad and her words read “to walk again.”

The answer was heart-breaking and as I watched tears fall from her face the teacher explained. “You inspired her. She’s never reacted to any one like that so thank you.” That moment surprised me completely. I’m just trying to be who I am and to inspire others on the way.

What’s been one of the most difficult things in your life?

I guess I could say school. It is nothing to some people who have faced what seems to be the world. But me getting an education has been one of the biggest struggles. School will probably always be hard, but writing balances it out completely. I am lucky.

What’s been the happiest moment in your life?

The happiest moment of my life was holding my novel in my hands for the first time. It proved to me and others that I can actually be an author! I will never forget that moment when I realized it was just the beginning.

What’s your favorite color?

I really like pink! I am completely girly so I enjoy Easter colors a lot! Anything bright or sparkly!

What other interests do you have?

Other then writing, I love photography and being with family and friends. I joke around and say I have the best of both worlds. Sure I may live the author life, but without my family and friends it would be nothing.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

I have done numerous book signings , meet and greets, and book speeches. Being an author has definitely made me a stronger person. I could barely call someone on the phone before, and now I am speaking in front of class rooms and my community. My favorite part about being a writer is transitioning. I love to push myself to see what I can do next!

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  1. Monica C. says:

    Hi Alyshia! I just wanted to say “Bravo!” to you for finishing a novel so young. That’s very impressive. When I was sixteen, I spent a lot of time creating things, but not a lot of time finishing them. You should be proud of what you have accomplished. Best of luck to you in all your future writing endeavors!

  2. Hi Michelle, Where in the world do you find such talented, and dedicated teens? They are the genuine role models. When I was sixteen, I was involved in my music, so I dedicated most of my spare time to my first love. Glad I did. Now that I am an adult, I see hope for the youth of this great country. With teens like the ones you feature, I have no worries.

    To Alicia, I say, BRAVO! You are an inspiration, not only to other teens, but to us adults as well. Blessings to you. You are an over comer.

    • Hi Doc!
      I haven’t seen you in a while. Thank you for stopping by to encourage Alyshia. Can you imagine how many books we would have sold by now if we’d started as early as Alyshia? I’m definitely inspired by her!
      Hope you’re have an awesome writing summer!

  3. Alyshia says:

    Thank you, every one so much for the kind words!! I cant begin to explain to you how much it means to me!

  4. I was touched by this great interview with Alyshia. What an inspirational young person and author she is! Way to go!

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