How You Can Download Your WIP Onto Your Kindle

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Did you know that you can send your wip to your Kindle? It’s a great way to read and edit your novel. You can read it while you’re on vacation or in bed at night. Reading your words in a different format allows you to see your story in a different way. It’s an effective tool.

You can also download the Kindle Reader for your PC or MAC by clicking HERE.

Or you can email it to your hand-held Kindle.

Before launching my debut novel, Cache a Predator, I emailed my book to my Kindle. I loved seeing my name and my title there. It was a foreshadowing, and we’re all familiar with those, right? Seeing my name in print was one of those woo-hoot moments. It meant I was getting closer to publishing my baby.

After many edits, I emailed beta readers my novel. But first I had to teach them how to email the book to their Kindle too. Many didn’t know how to do this–including me a few months ago. It made me wonder if you knew how. If not, let me teach you. If you already know will you share your experience in the comment section?

Here’s a quick demo.

Step One – Go to Amazon and log into your account. Find the place on your page that says MANAGE YOUR KINDLE. It’s in the upper right hand corner under your name. Here’s a little screen shot of what mine looks like. See the drop-down with the list of functions? Notice the MANAGE YOUR KINDLE about half way down? Click on that.

Screen shot 2013-07-18 at 1.54.00 PM

Step Two  This takes you to another page. On the left side of that screen you’ll see something like this. The page will have a list of your books at your library, but to the left is a list of all the items. Scroll down until you see MANAGE YOUR DEVICE. Click on that.

Screen shot 2013-07-18 at 1.57.24 PM

Step Three  When you get to that page you’ll see a screen with your Kindle’s email address. There might be multiple ones if you own more than one Kindle. On that page you’ll see something like this:
Screen shot 2013-07-22 at 7.53.42 PM

Click on the PERSONAL DOCUMENT SETTINGS. You’ll see the email address for your Kindle.

Step Four Copy your Kindle’s address. Below that address is a line titled, Approved Personal Document List that allows you to add your email address so your Kindle will accept emails from you. Make sure your email address is in that box.

Step Five  Email your novel to your Kindle address.

Step Six  Go back to Amazon and click on MANAGE YOUR KINDLE, then MANAGE YOUR DEVICE again. The title of the book you emailed should be there.

Step Seven  Click on the drop-down box where it says, SEND TO _____’s KINDLE.

Step Eight  Open your Kindle. Read on!

I hope this helped. Let me know if you have any questions. Was this helpful or more confusing?

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  1. Michelle, there is another way to send your document to your Kindle…download the app, Send To My Kindle and after you install it, you can right click your document and send it from there. Just learned about this last week!

    • Hi Pat-
      Thanks for sharing! Let me get this straight, okay? I’m slow.

      1. Download the app–is that the same thing as the Kindle Reader link I shared above?
      2. Send to My Kindle – where does it say this?
      3. Right clicks throw me. I have a MAC so I don’t right click. I’m assuming that somewhere on that page it’ll give an option to SEND YOUR DOCUMENT? Am I right?

  2. Google Send to Kindle App for Mac. The instructions are there. Once you download the app to you computer, one of the options when you save is to send it to your kindle. For me when I go to my documents I can right click on a document (I’m not sure how you would do it with a mac, but I think the download instructions will tell you) and send it straight to whichever Kindle I want to that’s registered to me.

  3. wow! This was amazing. So helpful and looking at my manuscript from a completely different visual. Thank you for much for sharing.

    • Hi Linda – So glad you found it helpful. It’s weird to think that reading your novel in a Kindle changes the story, but it does, doesn’t it? We see things that we didn’t before. A lot of writers edit and read their entire novel once through this way and make notes to go back.

      Nice to “see” you here!

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