How to Condense Your Novel Into One Sentence- The PITCH PAL

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You’ve written a novel and know it inside and out. Just like your child, you know your character’s goal, his fears, what he wants, what gets in his way, his quirks, and his dreams. You’ve created him and his friends three-dimensionally, mapping out the entire piece of art, his journey, and no one knows your story better.

But when you’re at a dinner party and someone says, “Oh, you’ve written a book. Cool. What’s it about?”

You say something like, “Er, it’s about this guy who wants to… and then this happens… and then the theme is about this, but that’s not what the book is really about. It’s really about a dad… oh, and the best part is…”

Meanwhile, the person who asked you the question glazes over. Maybe he yawns. You lost his interest. He smiles, but there’s not really a connect there. He doesn’t press you for more facts. Instead, he looks uncomfortable, maybe uncomfortable for you because he thinks you’re making a fool of yourself.

You hurry and change the subject because you want him to forget that mixed-up, jumbled description. You wish you could start over, but you don’t want to appear ditzy, so you talk about something more intellectually stimulating.

Okay, well, maybe that exact scenario hasn’t happened to you, but how many times have you wished you could answer the question, “What’s your book about?” and sound more professional?

I know I have. And many other authors have too. I hear their struggle often. It’s like we’re so close to our stories we can’t see the main idea.

What are you going to do at a writer’s conference when the agent or publisher asks, “What’s your book about?”

Or, what are you going to do when you want to solicit an interview with a radio or blog host? Even if you’re an Indie author you need to hone your pitch, get it ready for press releases, interviews, and dinner parties.

Even if your novel isn’t finished you should be able to tell someone in one or two sentences what your story is about. You’ll want to put the blurb at your FB, Twitter, your blog and Pinterest pages. You’ll need it in places you never thought of.

Get ready now. Don’t wait.

Since I had so much trouble with this SIMPLE, but insanely difficult writing task, I decided to write a HOW TO book about it to help other authors. I call it the PITCH PAL.

It’s intended to teach you step-by-step how to hone your pitch.  All you have to do is click on the sidebar, the place where it says, CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP, type in your email address, and MAILCHIMP will automatically send you a FREE DOWNLOAD of this handy eBook. You’ll also be included in my occasional newsletter, but I promise not to send you spammy emails. You’ll always be able to unsubscribe.

The PITCH PAL also includes examples of pitches authors have used, ones that have helped them acquire an agent or publisher. You’ll also find examples of pitches based on movies.

I really enjoy writing these one-sentence blurbs, so if you download the book and still have trouble, or you’d like to share yours below, I’d love to hear from you. I’m sincere. I find it easier to write someone else’s pitch than to write my own.

DOWNLOAD the PITCH PAL today and send me a note with your perfect pitch.


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  1. Okay, last try at this. I began by wanting to download the Perfect Pitch. When I entered my info. it said ‘error’ because I was already in your files. At that point, everything disappeared and I was back on the home page. Soooooo, now, I am asking how do I get the download?

    • Hi Gloria – I sent you the PDF. Sorry about that. Not sure what happened.

      If anyone is having difficulty downloading this little pal let me know, okay?


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