Does Rafflecopter Grow Your Business?


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Have you seen these Rafflecopter giveaways around the blog-town and wondered what they were, how they worked, and if they really increased book sales?

A month ago I had these same questions, but since I’ve recently completed a small version of this giveaway I’ve learned a few things, although probably not everything, but enough to teach you a few things based on my experience.

RAFFLECOPTER is a website designed to promote you, your business, and your book. You design your promotion and the questions you want to draw a crowd to your FB, Pinterest, Blog, website page, and wherever you want to gain business. You design your giveaway at this site, copy the EMBED file, and plant it wherever you want to “host” your giveaway.

Above is a partial screen shot of my current giveaway. It’s part of a two-week blog tour with Book Promotional Tours. Notice there are 12 days left and over 14,000 entries. That’s a lot of entries, but not every single entry is a person and they aren’t all buying my book. I wish!

What they really want is the $50 Amazon gift card. But in the meantime, they’re reading about me and my novel.

There are many different ways to earn points. Each point gives a potential winner an entry into the contest, so the more “tasks” they complete, the more points they get, and the better their chances are of winning.

Take another look at the continued screen shot below. See how you get 10 points for leaving a blog post comment, for pinning the image on Pinterest, for following me on Twitter? This example also shows what it looks like when the reader clicks on the drop-down box for “Easy entry for all Random Writing Rants fans on Facebook.” Notice the reader gets 10 points toward an entry if they become my FB fan of this blog too. If you  want to study all the categories for readers to gain points toward a giveaway you can go to BOOK PROMO TOURS. (Feel free to enter while you’re there.)

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Here’s how a RAFFLECOPTER can grow your business:

1. Readers become aware of your book title and you. Your book will be pinned to Pinterest, tweeted, and shared on FB by people you don’t even know.

2. The giveaway gives people a chance to tweet about you, LIKE your author page, become your Goodreads fan, and follow you on Pinterest. You can create your own “tasks” for points depending on how you want to grow your business. I added a question to mine, “How do you think pedophiles should be punished in our judicial system?” Since pedophiles are targeted in my novel, it was appropriate, but I hoped it would give potential readers a taste of the novel, pique their interest.

3. Since I began this promo I’ve gained over 200 LIKES at my FB page, 29 book reviews, 130 readers who are now my fans at Goodreads, and probably 200 more Twitter followers. I’ve met moms like me–writers, readers, and women with complicated lives. I’ve met blogger guys and geocaching enthusiasts since my book has a geocaching theme too.

4. As your FB page grows, your followers will increase, so when you have a book sale or a giveaway you can “BOOST” that post at FB and reach far more people.

5. You receive all the email addys of those who entered your giveaway. No, you won’t spam them, but when you have something of value to offer you can inform them. You can ask them to join your newsletter. Each person is a connection and a person with a personality. Get to know them.

6. People add your book to their Goodreads “TO-READ” page where it’s seen by other readers. (See screen shot below.) Notice how many people added my book to their TBR page in just a month. Close to 900 people want to read Cache a Predator. Will they buy it and read it? Probably only a small portion of them, but the book is gaining exposure because when they put the book on their TBR page others see it too.

7. You’ll “meet” so many people holding a RAFFLECOPTER giveaway. Growing relationships is the number one way to sell your book. Word-of-mouth is more powerful than any advertising you can pay for. But to form relationships you must be sincere, you must take the time to get to know those who follow you, those who read your novel and tweet your tweets. Yes, it takes time, but it’s worth it–not only because you’ll increase awareness for your book(s), but more importantly you’ll learn from others, grow friendships, widen your “character” base for your stories, and engage in our world, a world with problems, a world full of stories we need to listen to. As writers it’s our job to make readers see the world as it really is. We have power. 

My Goodreads Profile

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Have you done a RAFFLECOPTER giveaway? If so, what did you give away? Describe the relationships you built from this experience?

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  1. I’ve been interested in knowing more about the Rafflecoptor process and this helped. I do follow you on FB, like your blog, & am willing to follow you on Twitter but have not succeeded in adding that here. I’m not very techy and truth to tell log into Twitter seldom. Wishing you the best, though.

    • Hi Dee — The whole Rafflecopter thing was so foreign to me too. I’m thrilled this helped you understand it better. Don’t worry about following me at Twitter. Sheesh, there are so many ways to connect. You’ll be my friend no matter where we connect. Period. I’ll always be your cheerleader too. When it’s time for you to hold a giveaway, and if you choose this device, let me know. I’d love to help you in any way I can.

      And let me know when/if you want to guest appear here!


  2. Thank you. I’ve seen and entered lots of rafflecopter events but it’s great to see the whole process and purpose demystified.

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