Why Should You Enter Writing Contests?

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Photo courtesy of Morguefile.com   No, this isn’t me. I don’t look this good–even in my dreams.

You could have won $1000 if you’d entered the same contest I did.

I’m competitive, especially on the tennis court. But I’m not a young chickie anymore, and I’m not an athlete. I never have been.

I love to win though. As I’m flying across the court, swinging and smashing the ball, I forget that I’m exercising, that I’m sweating, and I never watch the clock. I’m so into the point all I’m concerned about is winning.

Often, the ball hits my rim instead of the sweet spot on the racquet. My opponents never know which direction my ball will go because I’m “Queen of the Rim Shots,” which means the ball bounces off the rim and goes in random directions. (It looks ugly but it’s very effective.)

Writing, for me, is like playing tennis. Sometimes I get so caught up in the prose I forget about time or work count. I miss appointments. Other times the words make the story go down the wrong path–like my rim shots. My stories are often random, too, like my shots. The most difficult part of writing is knowing whether we’re “winning” the point, knowing whether readers will find our prose interesting, literary.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any points to be won in the game of writing. The only way to know if our words are interesting is to share our stories with readers. But begging for beta readers can get bothersome.

So I enter writing contests. Often. I guess it’s the competitive side in me too.

When I find contests I share them at Random Writing Rants’ FB page and encourage other writers to enter too. Why? Because contests can open doors to agents and publishers, provide feedback, and sometimes entries can win prizes!

Like the one I entered a few weeks ago. Check this out. They’re giving away $1000 to the winner, $500 to the second place winner, and $250 to the third place winner. (See below.) That’s incentive to enter! (You should have entered!)

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Okay, so entering this contest doesn’t win points–it’s wins money. That’s even better. Don’t you agree?

When I saw this contest I submitted LOVE is JUST a WORD, the current young adult novel I hope to publish this year.

Guess what?

LOVE IS JUST A WORD is one of the five finalists! Isn’t that cool? I could win $1000 and you could win a $100 voucher if you vote. Here’s what the entires looks like:

Screen shot 2013-08-26 at 7.54.57 PM

Unfortunately, now that I made it this far, only votes can help me win. I need you. I kind of feel like I’m an American Idol contestant, well, not really, but you get my point. I need voters, which is taking up way too much time, but hey, it might help me fund my publishing costs for this novel.

Here’s the catch–to vote you have to register. It doesn’t take long, but you have to divulge your email address and become a member. You can always unsubscribe later. Should I mention again– You could be a winner too–just by voting.

Here’s the link to votehttp://www.thereadingroom.com/aspiringwriters/vote

Please vote for me. It’s easy and fast. Take time to read the entries too. They’re all really GOOD! 

And the next time you’re thinking about entering a contest remember that one thing is certain– you’ll never win if you never enter.

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