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Please welcome today’s teen author, Warren Cassell, Jr., and be his fan.

“When you don’t know how to align your dreams to action or don’t know how to deal with obstacles, turn to nature. It has all the answers.”

In Warren’s book, readers will be entertained by talking animals on Farmer Oliver’s farm and learn a profound message in the process. I’m not sure Warren targeted this book for children, but I want to read these stories to my granddaughter who is eight years old and discuss the message after the short story. There are 25 delightful stories that will entertain and teach. At the end of each chapter Warren has included a wise quote. Just for a teaser, here is one:  “If a man takes no thought about what is distant, he will find sorrow near at hand.”

Well done, Warren. I know I will have fun sharing these stories with my grandchildren and helping them find the truth in nature while learning from your wisdom. I’m confident others will too.

Warren Cassell Jr. is the living proof that anyone with dedication, focus and determination can achieve great success. Warren could have said when he grew up he would lead a company, but for him time is of the essence. At the age of eight, he started his first business venture and by  thirteen he has served clients from regions all over the planet. Warren lives by the quote, if you light a lamp for someone it will also light your path. He hopes his books will ignite a flame of wisdom in you.

Warren says, “I am a published author and a fourteen-year-old entrepreneur. Ever since I was small I was interested in business and at the age of eight I started my first company. It’s now been six years and I currently hold shares in two financial institutions and my companies have worked with clients and businesses from the Philippines to Egypt to the United Kingdom and the United States.
This year I published, The Farm of Wisdom: 25 Unforgettable Tales that Will Ignite a Wiser You  a book that shares twenty five life lessons in different parables. My mission behind the book is to share with the world the importance of listening to nature for knowledge.”
Warren’s father has known success in the arts. He had a television program (here’s a link, and an exclusive with Rihanna. He also traditionally published a book on Oprah with a New York publisher in 2010.

1. What do you enjoy doing outside of writing?

I enjoy reading. My parents ensured that from a little boy I would be an avid reader. I would read almost anything – fiction and non-fiction. Reading is probably my favourite hobby.

2. Who has inspired you the most in your life?

It’s really hard to say who inspired me the most. There are so many people. I could probably say that two people who are on the top of my list are (in no particular order) Donald Trump – I think he is a really good businessman and Oprah Winfrey – a woman from humble beginnings who is using her influence to help people.

3. What is the first book that you published?

My first piece of literature that I published is The Farm of Wisdom. It’s a personal growth book written in a fiction format.

4. What inspired you to write your first book?

I’m on a mission to inspire others to live a life of their dreams. I get up in the morning asking myself, ‘what else can you do?’ and  The Farm of Wisdom came to mind after many thoughts.

5. Which story in the Farm of Wisdom was your favourite to write?

Writing ‘We Are As Mayflies’ was really enjoyable. It is based on my personal philosophy which is ‘as soon a man is born he begins to die’. The story was about a group mayflies who lived in a pond and were planning to make the most of their short life expectancy. The message that I hoped is shared in the story is that if we savor every moment of our lives, we would have a pretty awesome life.

6. Who did you write The Farm of Wisdom for?

The message that the book is bringing across is that nature has the answers to our problems. So, in short the Farm of Wisdom is for anyone who is interested in hearing a new perspective of the world.

7. Our lives are very social. How active are you on social networks, and what do you think of them? Help or hinderance?

It is really amazing how much social media plays a role in our lives and I am in full support of it. It is because of social networks, blogs and forums that I get to meet many awesome people who are doing great things in the world and have inspirational stories. I am a twitter addict! It’s actually my favourite social network, mainly because it’s very easy to meet people who want to help and support you. So, yh, I think that social media is helping the world. Just as long we are using it wisely.

8. Which do you prefer – Kindle – Nook or an old fashioned book paper book in your hands?

Old fashioned books are my favourite! I am one of the few people who still buy large amounts of paper books. eReaders simply can not replace the warm and fuzzy feeling I get when holding and actual book. Maybe when eReaders have a paper smell I will start reading more on them.

  • Romance or Mystery?

Romance. I absolutely hate mystery and I love reading a good love story.

  • Heroes or villains?


  • Favorite coffee flavor?

Lol, not a coffee drinker!

  • Favorite place to write?

My bed. Creative writing oozes out of me the most when I am in my bed.

  • Ice cream or brownies?  I know this is something you don’t hear everyday but I’m a teen and I hate sweets especially ice cream, brownies and cake.
  • Real life or Fantasy?

            Real life!

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Review for THE FARM of WISDOM, 25 Unforgettable Tales That Will Ignite a Wiser You!

“A countryside trip to Oliver’s farm offers much more than the touching tales of its barnyard inhabitants.  Much like Cassell’s maverick nature, Farm of Wisdom connects classic wisdom to the world in a way readers will remember.” – Kristen ButlerFounder of the Power of Positivity

Please spread the news about Warren’s book and be his fan! Congrats, Warren! You’re an inspiration to all of us.

To connect with Warren on Twitter:  @WarrenCasselljr

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  1. I live on a small farm and the peaceful countryside and hard work keep me closer to God. Nature inspires my writing, as you can’t have a captivating book without a good setting. Congratulations on being published! I enjoyed this interview. Keep up the good work!

    • It’s great that you are able to use nature to your benefit. It’s a pity that very few of us do this! There is a quote that goes, “the signature of God is written in flowers.” and it’s absolutely true. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement!

  2. Warren, I am so impressed with all you have accomplished–especially writing and publishing your first book. Congratulations!

    • Thank you very much! I am hoping that my publishing journey would be an inspiration for those who are on the fence of publishing their own work.

  3. Wow! What an enterprising young man! Great interview. The Farm of Wisdom sounds like a great book!

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