The Peafowl in The Park, by Elizabeth

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Today is FAN FRIDAY which means I get to brag about a young writer. Typically, I share teen writer stories, but today my author is younger. She’s ten, but talented! I’ve known her parents for more than twenty years and was thrilled to share their daughter’s adorable story.

Please welcome Elizabeth and BE HER FAN!

The Peafowl in The Park

So our story begins in New York, in a park full of many animals, from zebras and hawks to butterflies and lizards. But there was more than just these animals. There was a peafowl.

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We don’t know how she got there. We don’t know where she came from. She just showed up one day. But she was a rare bird. She was very special.

The peafowl’s name was Penelope. She was the most creative bird in the whole park. She always had a smile on her face and never gave up. She didn’t care about what the other animals thought about her. She was gentle and kind, patient and caring.

Penelope had a very special job in the park. She was the art teacher. Every day the animals in the park would sit under the big willow tree and listen as Penelope instructed them to make artwork that they never dreamed they could create.

She had many good students in her class. There was Missy the MonkeySalina the Salamander, Rudy the Robin, Leo the Lion, Melissa the Monarch, Ally the Alligator, Phoebe the Parrot, Henrietta the Hippo and Sir Sebastian the Snake, but out of all of the animals she had four favorites. Their names were Owen the Otter, Lizzy the Lemur, Zenia the Zebra and Felicity the Ferret.

She loved art, but that wasn’t the only thing she was good at. She had amazing gift for poetry. She wrote the most beautiful poetry ever. She was an artist and a poet. Double awesomeness!

One day everyone was sitting under the willow and working on their artwork. Sir Sebastian was working on sketching a throne because he was big on the prince thing.

Missy the Monkey was drawing bananas which made sense since she was a monkey. Rudy the Robin was making a paper mache crown since he believed size didn’t matter (he wanted to rule bird kind).

Salina the Salamander was making a clay pot to eat out of and Leo the Lion was making an abstract lion sculpture.

Everyone was working on something except for Felicity the Ferret.

Penelope went over to Felicity.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“I can’t think of anything to make,” Felicity replied, looking discouraged.

“Just keep tinkering about it. Never give up. Art is all around us. There is beauty and art in everything. Just look around you. The park is your canvas,” said Penelope.

“I have an idea. Be back soon. Thanks again!” Felicity scurried out of the willow. She hustled to the stream where she gathered some shiny pebbles. Then she hurried to the great pine tree where she chose the perfect bunch of pine cones. Next, Felicity ran to the meadow where she picked the most beautiful bouquet of wild flowers. On her way, she picked some sunflower seeds. Lastly, she scurried to the thicket to gather some nuts and berries.

The other animals questioned, “What kind of art will you make with those supplies?”

“You just wait and see” Felicity replied. She carefully put all of her treasures on a big old ugly tree stump. It was amazing! Felicity transformed that old stump and the treasures she collected from the park. When she was done, the animals saw the most beautiful art they had ever seen.

A beautiful mosaic with the word Dream on it.  Screen shot 2013-10-28 at 2.50.46 PM

The days have gone by and the animals have since left the park to live out their dreams, but Penelope and her four special animals have all stayed in a park with an amazing peafowl who inspired one little animal and all her friends to never give up and to always dream.

About the author:

My name is Elizabeth. I am ten years old and in the 5th grade. I enjoy writing and made this book for a friend. I love animals and soccer and hope to be a surgeon when I grow up.

Copyrighted © 2013-2014.  Any reproduction of this book may lead to a punishment by the author and illustrator. Please enjoy, but know that we have our eyes on you!

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  1. this makes me feel SOOOOOOOOOOO incredibly ancient. it’s a cute story and I hope if I live long enough that I can tell one of the attendants in my nursing home after reading a huge bestseller that I was one of Elizabeth’s first fans!

  2. Wow! Great writing, Elizabeth. Do keep writing and like Daniel, I’ll be telling people I knew you when…

  3. You’ll be a great surgeon and will bring imagination and fun to your patients. Keep writing. I wish you much success.

  4. Thank you all for stopping by to encourage Elizabeth. She’s an amazing girl, and I’m confident she’ll succeed in no matter what she decides to do in her life! But I have a feeling this is the first of many more published stories that’s she’ll write!


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