How to Find a Narrator and Make an Audio of Your Book


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When you wrote your novel did you see it as a movie? Did you hear the character’s voices talking in your head?

What if you could bring your novel to life as an audio book? Who would you hire? Your mom? Your dad? Your best friend?

Maybe, but what if you could find someone amazing, someone who was able to use sound affects and music to let your readers HEAR the drama in the story?

Where would you find such a person? Check out ACX.COM. (No, they’re not paying me to say this.) This is an Amazon affiliate link. They list narrators who are for hire. The main website link is here: 

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There are almost 20,000 narrators here. You can search and specify for male/female voices, specific genres, and style of voice. Do you need a British accent? A Russian accent?

(Btw, I found a Russian teen voice for my YA novel book trailer at this site. I’ll be sharing the trailer around February 25. Can’t wait!)

Find voices in the search menu, go to their sites and listen to samples of each their voices. (Yes, it’s fun, but it’s also a huge time sucker, so be careful. You need to get your word count done for the day first. Just saying….)

Post an excerpt of your book and how much you’re willing to pay per hour. Some narrators want to share the royalty. Some are willing to work for $50/hr, but some expect up to $200/hr.

Wait until someone records their audition. You’ll receive a message when someone has auditioned. You listen and decide. My advice:  TAKE YOUR TIME.

You’ll know when the voice is right for you because you’ll have heard it in your head for a long time.

I heard readers with British accents, southern accents, and lisps. But when I found “my” guy I was amazed. I knew right away he was the one.Screen shot 2014-02-16 at 3.17.26 PM

Here’s the LINK to how it works. Once you have THE voice you want, send them an offer and one of ACX’s contract forms to make it all legal.

How do I know that the money I spent for an audio version of CACHE will pay for itself?

I don’t. It’s another crap-shoot. But in my gut I believe it will be worth the production. It might take a while for the cost to pay for itself, but I believe it will, especially after I read Thomas Umstattd’s post here: Reading trends for 2014

Who’s Thomas and what are his credentials?

About Thomas Umstattd

Thomas Umstattd Jr. is the CEO of Castle Media Group the parent company of Author Media. You can follow him on Twitter @ThomasUmstattd. and on Google+ He loves helping people use technology to change the world.

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I like Mr. Umstattd’s predictions, and I know there are readers who would prefer to hear the book rather than see it. So I’m taking the gamble.

I had a total of nine auditions before I chose Tomas Burki. You can visit his narrator page at ACX HERE.

(If you have an interest in becoming a narrator this might be a great site for you too!)

Here’s the audition of CACHE a PREDATOR.

What type of narrator voice are you looking for?


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  1. What a coincidence. I’m actually recording my own novels right now. Too bad ACX doesn’t work in Canada.

    • Hi Russell – Really? I didn’t realize they didn’t work in Canada. Thanks for sharing that. Are you doing your own recording? How exciting! Good luck and let me know when it’s complete. I’d love to know more about your progress. How will you choose your pricing?

      • I just found out yesterday. I just finished recording the audiobook version of my short story trilogy (not ready to tackle an entire novel yet). I read up on ACX to learn about sending it to them, only to find out that Canadians are rejected. I’ll end up partnering with one of my associates to slip under the radar.

        The recording went well, except my throat is very hoarse. I tend to get too animated, so my friends tell me. As for pricing, I’ll compare it to what’s out there.

  2. I do my own recording, too–CDs of children’s books. My (small) walk-in closet turned out to be a great sound studio at the right price. A friend helped w/ the recording and copying technology. Fun and worth it.

    • Oh, Delores, I bet you’re the best narrator! I need to do that with my children’s books so some day my great-grands can listen to them and know it was me. That’s so cool! And I would think the closet would work out well too.
      Thanks for stopping by!

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