Book Bub – Who are They? How Can They Help You?


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Several different times in the past year my novels have made it to the top of the AMAZON BEST SELLER list in their category.

When that happens I take a screen shot so I can remember the moment. (Because unfortunately, it won’t last.) This is a pic of one of those times when CACHE a PREDATOR made it to the #1 spot.

How did that happen?

There are many things I did right and it takes a combination of factors to make it there. But one of the best things I did was place a BOOK BUB ad. (I love BOOK BUB and what they do for authors and readers!)

When I first applied for an ad they rejected me. I thought, What the heck? But I was going to pay for this ad? I can’t believe they rejected me! 

Their ads are NOT cheap either. I tried three times to find an ad spot with them until they finally accepted me. That was a HUGE day for me. I’d persevered and it paid off–I got the ad. But would it pay for itself?

The answer: YES! It not only improved my rankings, it put money in my author bank. Readers bought my book. Some reviewed it and most enjoyed it! I was sitting on a cloud.

The next time I tried to place an ad with them I was rejected twice again before they finally accepted me. But when they did, it put SCATTERED LINKS on the shelf with authors like Susanne Collins and John Green. I was sitting among some of the best authors I could ever hope to hang with. (Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to talk to them though.)

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This week BOOK BUB sent a letter specifying what they look for in authors before they accept them. They have a whole review process with a knowledgeable marketing staff. Here’s the link that explains their process: HERE

WHO ARE THEY: BOOK BUB is a website where readers can go to and find discounted books. Every day they send out an email with gobs of books on sale. Their subscriber list is humongous.

Readers love their site because they know they’re getting pre-screened discounted novels, edited ones with favorable reviews, and categorized in their favorite genres. 

Authors love BOOK BUB because it brings LOTS of readers to them.

If you’re an author check out their requirements. If you’re a reader check out their discounted books. You won’t be sorry.


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