How to Find Reviewers for Free

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If you’re an author you know how important reviews are. Good reviews sell books and improve your ranking. Good reviews get you visibility and give you the opportunity to place ads with popular book sites like BOOKBUB. Many book promo sites won’t accept you unless you have a certain amount of five-star reviews.

Reviews matter.

When someone recommends a book do you go to GoodReads or Amazon and read the reviews?

I do.

But how do you get reviews? How do you find readers who will read your book and write a review?

You could ask all your friends, but if you’re like me you don’t want to impose, and you don’t want to spam your friends. You want your readership to go beyond your family and friends.

A. The first step is to make sure your book’s description is THE BOMB. Take a few minutes to click over to Amazon and read the description of some of your favorite authors. Study them. Why do their descriptions entice you to read their books?

1. List any awards you’ve received. They validate the book’s worth. Even if the award you received wasn’t for this book you can still call yourself an AWARD-WINNING author.

2. List if this book is a bestseller or if you’re a bestselling author. Readers think, If others are buying the book then it must be good. Even if you’re an Amazon bestseller and not a NYTimes or USA Today bestseller, when readers see ‘BESTSELLER’ they don’t typically know the difference.

3. List short quotes of endorsements, what readers have said that will inspire readers.

Check out Melissa’s book below. Notice how she sells herself first, how she shares reviewer quotes and the awards she’s received. She also ads a bonus.

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B. The next step is to make sure your books are at GoodReads. Here’s the author tutorial that shows you how. WARNING: Goodreads can be difficult to navigate. Give yourself time to study it. Don’t expect to learn it all in a day if you aren’t tech savvy. If you get stuck try to Google You Tube videos to help.

I recently met another author, Alinka Rutkowska, who won book awards at Readers Favorite. She helps authors succeed. Recently she put together a GodReads course to make it easy for authors to find reviewers. She calls the course GOODREADS CRACKED.


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I thought I understood Goodreads until I took her course. It only costs $19.99, but it’s well worth the money. She has step-by-step instructions on how to find reviewers. She shares suggestions that work and can send you on your way to more reviews, more sales, and higher rankings.

And she has a money back guarantee. Here’s the LINK to her course:  GOODREADS CRACKED:



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