How and Where to Find Genuine Content Writing Sites that Pay

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The time has come for you to start utilizing your skills in writing as your income and source of livelihood. You might have tried and wasted lots of valuable time in finding a genuine site or client to pay for your writings. You faced a lot of failures such as not getting the payment right on time or in some cases never! People tend to attract to such ads who pose themselves to be genuine and cheat once the job is done. Now there is no need to fall into such false traps as you are going to know about the right path in finding the honest clients and sources! Just go through the below-mentioned sites which proved to be the reliable, safest sites that will pay for your hard work on time!

Freelance careers              

Vexed with clients who appear when you are needed and disappear after the job is done? Unlike these, freelance careers assure you constant workflow and payment without any delay. Once you sign up taking an online test, you need to wait for the approval! Depending on the convolution of your content they will pay you between $7 to $31 per page.


Compared to other sites this offers payment only to fair contents on the topics selected by you. Once you get the approval you can earn $15 per content. You may be asked to rewrite the article or revise it depending upon the title they suggest. But you will be paid for sure! proved to be the best site to all those freelance writers available worldwide. Here one can multiply their chances of earning with the services they provide. The way writers are treated here itself proves the reputation of this site. Good works are always appreciated here!


Can you imagine or guess, that your ability to write more than 1500 words can get you $100!!! Yes, it is true in the case of this most reliable site Listverse. This site accepts contents worked on interesting and unique gems of knowledge. You can stuff your content with uncommon facts as well. But you have to face more competition, but once your post gets published you can have a sigh of relief as it boosts your confidence!

Instant shift 

If you are a graduate in the field of designing or programming, this is the right place for you. Here, quality and quantity of your content matters and decides your pay. A well-known site like this will pay you hugely once you get qualified!

Metro Parent    

If you are a parent who faced all the turns and changes that come in a family, you will be having the experience by which you can suggest through your writings. Metro Parent site is looking for people like you who can write parenting magazines online. You can choose to write either the departmental columns or the featured articles for which you will be paid between $35 to $350.

Hub Pages

Here you need to pay a lot of attention as this site gets the heavy traffic of customers looking for article writers. If you could write the content of 700 words with error free and without any grammatical mistakes, you will be better paid compared to the other sites in the market.

The Dollar Stretcher

Here only the content related to the niche they suggest will be accepted and this separates the trustworthy writers from those of the spammers. If you are looking for full-time workflow and want to save some pennies, then this site is suggestible for you. What separates them from others is their per-word payment which is $0.10! If you could manage to write at least 3 articles of 1000 in a week, you can imagine how much you could earn a month!


Articles relevant to writing, freelance job listings and markets for writers are published online here in this site. So, there is no need to concentrate on how the content is written. If you could able to figure out this, you can begin publishing the articles and get paid around $60 for a 600-word article.

Change Agent 

The articles published here are written by adult learners and educators. So, if you belong to that category of writers, it would definitely be a site you are looking for! You will be paid as much as $50 per 200-1000 word submission. You can choose articles on student writing, classroom activities, news, cartoons, opinions, graphics, poems etc.


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Bio information: Kelly Marone is an aspiring young writer and editor. Kelly intends to highlight insightful and helpful advice for writing professionals and content managers in her articles. You can learn more about her writing portfolio here and connect with her on Linkedin and Google+



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