Twelve Fatal Flaws of Fiction Writing, by Susanne Lakin

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Susanne Lakin, an author, editor, and blogger at LIVE WRITE THRIVE asked me to share this release with my writer friends this week. Check out her new book.

Why this book?

Personal growth is a lifelong commitment, not just a “now” journey. As writers, we have to constantly work to improve our craft.

And the biggest challenge comes from the inability to see what isn’t working with our writing. The prose feels off. The scene isn’t gelling. The dialogue sounds stilted or clunky. But we don’t know why or how to fix it.

What helps writers most is to read passages that demonstrate flawed writing, then be shown revisions that target specific flaws and offer clear, effective solutions.

No other writing craft book offers in-depth instruction on how to spot and remedy the major flaws of fiction writing.

Here’s what makes The 12 Fatal Flaws of Fiction Writing an important addition to a writer’s bookshelf:

  • More than 60 Before and After passage showcases each of the twelve fatal flaws, which are examined in depth to help writers spot these flaws in their own writing and fix them.
  • Five editors with extensive background in both editing fiction and writing novels bring a variety of insights, examples, and solutions to these flaws, using various genre styles and POVs.
  • Each chapter ends with a checklist to help writers seek and destroy these fatal flaws in their manuscript, followed by a bonus Before and After passages to help them test what they’ve learned.This comprehensive (100,000 words) guide to self-editing provides an invaluable resource for any fiction writer of any genre. It shows, not just tells, how to write better fiction.Click HERE to order your copy of The 12 Fatal Flaws of Fiction Writing.

This new book is part of The Writer’s Toolbox series by Ubiquitous Press, written by five novelists who are also full-time fiction editors.

What sets this book apart from all other writing craft books?

Instead of merely explaining how to write fiction well, this book demonstrates how.

This book offers a fun, engaging, and sometimes snarky approach to annihilating these writing culprits with the aim of helping writers become proficient wielders of words.


We wrote this book because of a need. As editors, we see day after day what problems in manuscripts cause novel failure. And writers often can’t see what they’re doing wrong. We believe this book will be an invaluable resource for every fiction writer.


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  1. It arrived in my in-box this morning. Can’t wait to get started on it!

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