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It Is Never Too Late To Start Writing Your Bestseller

Do you think it is too late to leave your mark in the world of literature and become an author of a new bestseller? EssayMama’s paper writing service doesn’t think so. Do you know that Virginia Woolf started writing at 27 years and didn’t become popular until she was 43 years old after publishing “Mrs. Dalloway”? Do you know that Haruki Murakami was a bar manager until he was 29 years old? And Charles Bukovski was a postman until he was 40?

Start writing right now, it is never too late.

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  1. I was 35…took me 34 years to get a book published. ;-0 I’m finishing my 7th book this year. 🙂

    • Wow! Really? You are an inspiration? What was it that kept you going, that gave you that “I-won’t-give-up” attitude? I’m thrilled to know this! I’m going to mention you when I talk to writers about why NOT to give up.
      Thanks, Pat.

  2. I do agree that it is never too late, but there are few true late bloomers in this collection. I sold my first magazine article at 22, and my first book (non-fiction) was published when I was 30, but I was 67 before my first novel was published – some 17 books and hundreds of articles later. Five years on, at 72, I just completed my 9th novel, due out next year. The real point is to keep writing and learning the craft. Where and when you start is less important than how you finish.

    –Larry Constantine (pen name, Lior Samson)

    • Hi Larry! I haven’t heard from you in FOREVER. Congrats on your 9th novel. That’s fantastic. Thanks for giving our reader/writers hope. It IS never too later. You are proof of that. I’m going to go look your books up at Amazon.

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