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HOW To ENTER the Giveaway:  Subscribe to this blog if you haven’t already (insert your email addy in the space bar to the right) and comment below. Tell us what your novel is about. That’s all. You could WIN one of FIVE free entries to the online software. (You use the tool when it’s convenient for your schedule. Lifetime use.)

Fiction writing is one of the most exciting adventures an author can take. If you have a story you’re aching to tell, this course is for you.

Fiction Jumpstart will show you how to keep your reader glued to your novel from start to finish (even if you’ve failed before).

Jerry will help you master the fundamentals of powerful storytelling. Equipped with this knowledge, you’ll be empowered to finish your novel.

Are you struggling to do justice to your BIG story idea?

Let’s face it—great novels aren’t written by accident.

They’re crafted by writers who understand the powerful dance between plot, character, setting, dialogue, tension, and many other crucial elements.

Through your writing you have the power to inspire, encourage, and offer hope to countless readers—and you’re likely brimming with ideas.

But there’s a problem.

You can’t seem to get that powerful story from your mind to the computer screen. Your writing always seems to fall flat, no matter what you try.

You don’t know what to do.

You feel confused.

Soon you lose focus. Then momentum. Then excitement.

Before long, a month goes by. Then two. Then six.

Once your motivation is gone, you never get around to finishing that book. Most painful isn’t the disappointment of an unfinished manuscript…it’s the death of your writing dream.

What do you say we resurrect your unique story and message?

It’s time to make your move to finally finish that novel.

Here’s the good news:

With the right knowledge and the right plan, you can write a story that inspires, entertains, and offers hope to people.

And if you’re willing to learn how from someone who’s been there many times before, who knows the roads and knows the shortcuts, you can accomplish your goal SO much faster.

In this course, 21-time New York Times bestselling author Jerry Jenkins reveals his proven plan for writing fiction that grabs your reader by the throat…and never lets go.

You’ll get training, assignments, and resources to help you write a novel that will have friends, family, and strangers alike saying, “I just couldn’t put it down!”

You’ll also get lifetime access to a community of passionate and helpful fiction writers like yourself!


This is for all those writers who want to write a novel, but have never done it before, and prefer to have a guide to show them the way. Or for those who’ve written a novel, but want to try a new way.

Fiction Jumpstart, ($149) was designed by Jerry Jenkins, someone who knows a thing or two about writing fiction. He created this course as a way to make this kind of top-level knowledge available to anyone with a message to share. He’s really passionate about equipping people who want to help others, but might not know exactly how, and allowing them to make a bigger impact with their story. That’s been his motivation. He believes if you’re writing a novel, you have a message to share. (I totally agree!)

Who’s Jerry Jenkins?

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 5.53.45 PMHe’s this guy: (Taken from Amazon)

The author of more than 180 books with sales of more than 70 million copies, including the best-selling Left Behind series, Jerry B. Jenkins is a former vice president for publishing and currently chairman of the board of trustees for the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago. 

Jerry’s writing has appeared in Time, Reader’s Digest, Parade, Guideposts, and dozens of Christian periodicals. Twenty-one of his books have reached The New York Times best-seller list (seven debuting number one). The Breakthrough, the final book in Jerry’s Precinct 11 trilogy, released from Tyndale House Publishers in September 2012.

Jerry owns Jenkins Entertainment, a filmmaking company in Chicago, and he mentors writers at

Here is a great article he wrote about Plotters and Pantsters.

To learn more about the course go HERE.

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  1. Janelle says:

    What a great opportunity! My WIP is young adult, urban fantasy. It’s a modern twist on the Beauty and the Beast story where they both get to be the Beast.

  2. Juliana says:

    Thanks for letting me know about this! I’ll have to start after I finish my classes.

  3. Terry Root says:

    Been randomly writing about experiences with taking in and giving shelter to homeless people and all the happy’s and heartaches that go with this type of life choices over the last 30 years, would love to turn it into a story ….

    • Hi Terry – I love the sound of that story. I started a novel in November about a woman who sells everything after her husband dies and opens a homeless shelter. I’m far from done, but we think alike. You might inspire many readers with your story. Thanks for commenting. You are entered into the giveaway!

  4. My story is about a young girl who saves the lives of others through the power of prayer. She dreams up amazing inventions from scratch and uses them to better the lives of the down and out.

  5. My story is about a young girl who saves the lives of others through the power of prayer. She dreams up amazing inventions from scratch and uses them to better the lives of the down and out. Jerry Jenkins has an amazing way of helping people tap into their ability and gifts.

    • Hi Jeannette! How are you? I love the premise of your book. Will that be YA?

      I hope to announce the winners later this month. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your story. Keep writing!


  6. Debra Clarke says:

    My story is about two women, two children, and two tragedies. A youthful indiscretion produced a child who now seeks the mother he never knew. An adult indiscretion resulted in a child who will never know her dying mother. One born out of wedlock. One born out of adultery. Can this family, torn apart years ago, find hope as they now converge again?

    • Oh, Wow! I love that premise, Debra. You “get” the pitch part. You are entered into the giveaway! Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Karen says:

    I have discovered the correspondence between my mother and father from the time that he was drafted for WWII in October 1943 through his honorable discharge right before Christmas 1945. I would love to turn this correspondence into historical fiction.

    • Hi Karen – Thanks for entering the giveaway! I have a dozen questions about your story. How exciting–to find those letters. I’d love to read that novel. Write it!

  8. Elizabeth says:

    This is a very generous opportunity for emerging writers. Thank you so much.

    • Hi Elizabeth. Thanks for stopping by. I’m adding you to the que of possible winners! I hope to choose five winners at the end of next week.

  9. The hot, popular 17-year-old ladies’ man who didn’t wait for true love, but is intent on charting a new course, falls hard for the sweet, innocent new-girl-in-town who although she’s anxious be in an awesome relationship with an amazing guy is committed saving sex for marriage. This will be a 3 book series. Thanks for the opportunity, Michelle!

  10. Karrah says:

    My story is a court intrigue fantasy about a servant who becomes a king and must defend his throne against those who want to overthrow him.

  11. My WIP is about high school best friends Nichole and Vanessa work through life, death and the local food challenge.

  12. Wow, would love this sooo much! I’m trying to make it as a Christian writer, but I’m more of a starving writer 🙂 Can’t afford courses like this. I’ve been a Jerry Jenkins fan since I read Left Behind, and he’s helped me so much through my writing journey.

    • Hi Reagan – Thanks for entering. I hope to draw names at the end of this week, January 29.

  13. Hi, What an awesome gift. My 13-year-old son and I are writing our first fiction novel. It is a YA mystery about an Aspergers boy who gets entangles in a murder mystery while helping find his abducted friend. Many twists and turns. My son has Aspergers.

    • Hi Cherrilynn Bisbano – Thanks for entering. I love that you’re writing a book with your son. That’s great! Readers will love it. I will draw five names on Friday, January 29.

  14. Shelley says:

    An ancient treasure. A family. A king. Where is the treasure and is its curse real?

    • Hi Shelley- Thanks for entering the giveaway. I will draw five names on Friday, January 29.

  15. Tiffany says:

    I’ve got this great story about my great grandfather. He ran away from home when his family discovered he was in Colorado he flipped a coin, heads he goes to North Dakota to work land, tails he goes to Texas to run cattle…

    • Thanks Tiffany – Thanks for entering the giveaway! I will draw five names on Friday, January 29.

  16. GracePotts says:

    My WIP is YA novel, a persecuted Christian girl just before the Rapture. Sequel is the boy who didn’t get it together in time to make the Rapture. Grace Potts

  17. Deborah says:

    In my YA book, a tragedy changes everything in MC’s world. What will define her more: her circumstances or her faith? And can either help her save another life in crisis? Thanks, Michelle!

    • Hi Deborah – Thanks for entering the giveaway! I will draw names on Friday, January 29.

  18. Katie says:

    Ruth and her kinsman redeemer with a modern-day parallel – whatever your past, God’s grace is available to anyone who accepts it.

    • Hi Katie! Thanks for commenting! We picked the winners about an hour ago. Sorry you didn’t win, but your book sounds like a winner. It sounds like a story that will inspire others and maybe change lives. I hope you keep writing!

      • Tiffany says:

        Can you tell us who did win?

        • Hi Tiffany! Thanks for asking. Five winners were chosen this morning. I posted about it, so you should be able to read it on my main page. The winners were Janelle, Beth, Karrah, Shelley, and Grace.
          I hope you keep writing!

  19. Patricia Maier says:

    Over five years ago, I had a dream that was so vivid, of a story where a Christian family unexpectedly
    is confronted with a supernatural entity. This would be my first faith based supernatural thriller that is waiting to be unlocked and brought to print. I sure hope your course will do that Mr. Jenkins. 🙂

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