10 Essential Tips to Make You a Better Writer

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10 Essential Tips to Make You a Better Writer, by Ben Russel

Writing is not something that comes naturally for everyone. It is something that takes patience and practice to master. There are many people who struggle with certain aspects of writing; however, there are several things that can be done to strengthen your writing skills. The following is a list of ten tips that can be used to strengthen your writing skills.

1) Read

The best tip to becoming a better writer is to read. Reading is the main requirement of writing. Reading allows your memory to store more ideas and thoughts that can be later applied to future writing. According to academic writing experts at SolidEssay.com, reading from broad spectrums of genres allows an individual to gain perspective and insight from several aspects of life. It is also the best solution to writer’s block. It keeps writers from running out of words in their own writings.

2) Write down what you read

Sometimes it is good to write ideas from your readings down in a notebook for future reference. Writing down ideas helps the brain retain knowledge for future use. Reading also helps with grammar and spelling. Individuals who write down what they read are a lot better at constructing adequate sentences.

3) Write more

This next tip is obvious: write more. Writing is just like any other aspect of life; it must be practiced in order to be perfected. Incorporating writing into your daily life helps broaden an individual’s writing skills.

4) Write about what interests you

Writing about subjects of interest can increase writing quality. A person is inclined to write more about a topic he or she is interested in. They also tend to spend more time researching topics they are interested in. This leads to one thing: practice. The more an individual writes, the better writer he/she will become. The most successful writers are the ones who incorporate writing into their daily lives.

5) Brainstorm ideas

Brainstorming is also a way of increasing writing skills. Brainstorming ideas onto one centralized paper allows an individual to see a common thread through their ideas. This helps with organization and overall flow of the writing.

6) Take breaks

Another tip is to take breaks during your writing. Finished writing should be completed in one sitting. Breaks should be taken throughout the writing process. This allows your brain to cool down so it is refreshed the next time you work on the paper. Taking breaks from the work also allows you to gain new perspectives and ideas about your writing.

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7) Take time

An individual should take time on their writing. They should not cram all of their writings on one day. It is better to spend one hour a day working on your writing than seven hours in one day. It allows your brain to refresh every time you work on the paper.

8) Editing is the final step

The last set of tips regards editing. Editing should be the final step; it should not be conducted during the writing process. At least one day should be taken between writing and editing. Editing should never happen directly after writing. Taking time to edit distracts the mind and important thoughts may be forgotten.

8) Don’t get hung up on grammar and word choice

Another writing tip is don’t worry about proper grammar and word choice at the beginning of the writing process. Getting ideas and thoughts down on paper is the main concern during this time in the writing process. Words and sentences can be changed at a later time. Sometimes it takes individuals several times of rereading a sentence in order to realize the best grammatical structure.

9) Organization and overall flow

Don’t worry about organization during the beginning phases of writing. Once all thoughts are written down on one paper, ideas can be organized appropriately. All ideas must be written down in order to discover the best structure for the paper.

10) Patience

The final tip is to be patient. Professional writers are not produced overnight. It takes time and practice to be an efficient writer. Writing has taken some people years to perfect. Effective writing takes years of both reading and writing. However, the more an individual reads and writes, the better writer they will become. It is a lot of hard work but the reward makes it worth it.

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Author bio: Ben is an academic writer contributing to a number of educational websites and magazines. He also blogs about academic writing tips popular among college students. One of his recent articles is on how to write a visual arts essay.

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