A New Software – KDROI – For Book Sale Promos



Are you sick of filling out forms every time you want to plan a sales promotion for your book?

Amazon created a new tool this week. Have you seen it? It avoids all the long, time-sucking forms you typically have to complete for a sales promotion. Now, all you have to do is load it at one place, and you have the instant ability for it to be on sale at 30 different sites. Just like that.

HERE‘s a video on how it works.

THE CATCH:  you have to enroll your book in a Kindle Countdown Deal. Which means, if your books are available at Nook Press, Google, iBooks, or KOBO, your deal won’t transfer to those sites. You must have your book enrolled in KDP Select. This benefit allows authors to run limited-time promotions on their books available on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk.

This is HUGE. Even if you’re not self-published, your publisher could offer a promotion on your book in a quick click. (Before you publish your book with a publisher, be sure to ask them if they offer quarterly sales promotions. This is a great way to keep your book in front of readers.)

KDROI costs money, but it will save time, and might not cost as much as if you went to these individual sites. It’s definitely worth looking into.

I will consider placing my next book with KDP Select and implementing one of these deals.

The other drawback with using KDP Select, and only selling your books at Amazon, is that you’ll never make the NYTimes or a USA Today Bestseller lists. But if you’re writing a book that fits a small niche, you might not care. It’s something you’ll have to consider.

Will you use KDROI?

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