What Does it Cost to Self-Publish Your Book?



If you publish with a traditional publisher, you will probably only get a $500 advance, or not much more than that. After you publish the book, most publishers keep all but 15% of your profit. So, for instance, if you sell a book for $10, you only keep $1.50. If you sell 100 books, you only make $150.

However, the publisher pays for the editing, formatting, book cover art work, and the ISBN’s.

Either way you go, the author is responsible for most of the marketing. Publishers don’t market books for their authors. They have a limited budget.

So what does it cost to self-publish your book?

I ¬†compiled a PDF of all the costs I’ve incurred. If you’d like a copy, click on over to HERE.

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Who are you? What is inspiring you to write your book?

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