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When we were children, many of us loved to draw, color and write stories. But somewhere along the way, our life was HACKED by society who didn’t value art. They told us that art wouldn’t pay the bills.

Maybe your parents told you to get a real job. After years of suppressing your inner child, you lost your creativity. It sat dormant in your brain and your logical brain took over. 

There’s nothing wrong with our logical brain, but it thinks linear. That linear thinking STOPS us from writing fast. We get stuck because we want to make our prose perfect. We stop writing because we can’t make it perfect. We give up. In the process, many fantastic and compelling stories never get written.

If you’re reading this article it must be because you’ve decide to bring out your creative INNER CHILD and write. Congratulations! 

I’m a HUGE fan of writing a rough first FAST DRAFT because writing fast doesn’t allow you to second-guess you’re writing. It helps you vomit words on the page without thinking about whether someone will like your words or not. This is a draft that shouldn’t be read by anyone (until it’s been edited), but gives the writer the quantity of lots of words. I’ve used the techniques in FAST DRAFT to write my books, and it’s helped me to write 50K words in 30 days several times.

If you’d like to experience more words on the page and overcome simple roadblocks that cause you to stop writing, click over HERE to download a free copy of FAST DRAFT. I think the tips in this 20-page PDF will help you get past the roadblocks in your writing.

What helps you WRITE FAST?



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  1. You have quite a way with words and this title keeps me smiling. Recently the biggest way to write lots is maybe to work in Starbucks, or more productively in our library where I actually get more done because it’s quieter. I realize the common denominator is No wifi, no phones, & more chance to keep at it. Lesson noted and thanks for your good tips.

    • Unplugging is key for me, too. I’m like a june bug flittering around if I don’t turn everything off.
      If only it was as easy as I make it sound, right?

  2. I agree with Delores about the wi-fi! For me to write fast I must exercise discipline. Rear in chair until my 2000 or 3000 words are written. Great post and now I’m off to read your PDF Before I get started this morning and have to turn my wi-fi off. Lol

    • Hi Pat!
      I hope you learn something from the little book, but my guess is that you have this DOWN. You write like a Roadrunner on Steroids already! Keep going!

  3. Jeannette says:

    Vomit words. I love it! Fast paced classical music (instrumental- no words. Words create distraction) helps me to write fast. To the point when I had five homeschooled kids in the house I could still occasionally spit out three to ten thousand in a day. I love this! Am going to download my free copy. Thanks, Michelle!

    • Hey Jay! Where have you been? I’ve been thinking about you. Glad to see you here! Also, I love your idea of writing to music without words – that’s my fave too. If there are lyrics I get stuck singing them. I like to play songs in minor keys when I’m writing a sad scene. It really helps me feel the emotion.


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