Why 80% of Books Published This Year Will Fail

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80% of books published this year won’t earn enough to cover their publishing costs.


Is it because the author lacks writing skills?
Is it because the timing is not right?
Is it because the market is saturated?

None of the above.

If your book is drowning in the Amazon sea, or if you’re about to publish and you don’t want your book to fall into the dreaded 80% of failed titles, you need to know what will keep it afloat.

How do you find out?

You start by discovering the 7 Secrets to Self-Publishing in 2017.

These are revealed by fellow author and friend Alinka Rutkowska who is known for selling over 80,000 books by thinking out of the box.

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Here’s what you MUST understand – and understand well – to place your book in the 20% that succeed:


•  The 5 Costly Misconceptions About Book Marketing in 2017


•  How to Avoid 4 Self-Publishing Rip-Offs


•  The Guide to the Most Popular Scams Authors Fall For


•  3 Author Decisions That Put Your Career at Risk


•  Which Book Marketing Methods Work Best in 2017


•  4 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Book Marketing Products and Services


•  Why You Need a Professional Book Marketing System


These secrets are not for everybody. They’re for action-takers who search for the best of the best in their fields and who are in it to win it.

If that’s you, go HERE to discover the 7 Secrets to Winning in Self-Publishing in 2017:
and make 2017 your best year ever!

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P.S. If you don’t want your book to be among the 80% of failed titles, 7 Secrets to Winning in Self-Publishing in 2017 is for you. Get it HERE.

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