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As authors we have many choices. Should we self-publish our books or wait until a traditional publisher chooses our work? It’s a personal decision. There’s a lot to think about.

NOW THERE IS ANOTHER CHOICE. We can load our book to Kindle Scout and ask them to feature it in their platform. If we’re ‘chosen’ to build a campaign and ‘win’ we land a contract with Kindle Press.

Is it worth the risk? 

Again, it’s a personal choice. I chose to try this route. I love Amazon and all the perks they offer. If I can have a shot at Kindle Press, I decided to take it.

I submitted GLOW GIRL to them and two days later they APPROVED it.

If you’d like to know more about KINDLE SCOUT you can read about it HERE.

Below is a short excerpt from the book. You can read more of the excerpt at my campaign page HERE. While you’re there, will you consider nominating my book if you think it’s worthy? If you nominate the book, you’ll receive a free copy if Kindle Press chooses to publish it.


Savannah and I were sophomores in Mr. Bott’s anatomy class. He was droning on about mitosis, chromosomes, and the nuclei separating, when the bell rang. Everybody dashed out of the room, but Savannah and I waited for Bryce and Jasper like we always did. Bryce’s mom was our ride home.

Jasper, Bryce’s golden lab, retrieved Bryce’s books for him one at a time, clutching them with his teeth and giving them to Bryce, his movements slower than usual. He clenched the backpack in his jaws and handed it over.

Bryce didn’t need that kind of help. He was deaf, not incompetent, but he said Jasper needed to feel useful, especially since he was almost twelve—old for a service dog. Normally service dogs retire before that age, but Bryce couldn’t bear the thought of Jasper going to another home.

The three of us were about to leave the classroom when Jasper whined and crashed to the ground. His skull smacked against the tile. Then his eyes rolled up until only the whites showed.

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 12.36.24 PM

Oh, no! I clutched my chest and winced because Jasper’s pain was now mine. That had become normal for me, too, feeling what the animal felt.

Bryce grunted, dropped to his knees, and moved his fingers in rapid motions, signing. “Someone, help him!”

Savannah and I exchanged glances.

I knelt beside Jasper and placed my fingers on his neck. “Weak pulse.”

A queer and desperate sound escaped from Bryce’s mute lips.

My conscience screamed, Help him! If I didn’t, the guilt would kill me. If I did … and they caught me … well … there wasn’t time to think about that. The other students had left the room anyway, and Mr. Bott was stacking books in the supply closet.

Savannah knelt beside me. “You aren’t going to—”

“I’ll do it quickly.” I couldn’t let Jasper die.

Once again, my hands had a mind of their own. I shut my eyes, placed my fingers on Jasper’s head, and tuned out the sound of the locker doors slamming in the hallway. “Come on, boy. Come back.” I concentrated on transferring my energy to him. My fingers tingled and then burned while the heat escaped from my body to his. It started slowly and flowed as the power grew, pouring life back into him. I worked to make his heart stronger, to fix the thin arteries that were blocking the flow of blood.

Jasper twitched and squirmed beneath my fingers, breaking my hold, until his tail swished along the floor.

When I opened my eyes, Mr. Bott was beside me. His lips were set in a straight line, nostrils flared, and he stared at my hands.

They were lit up like the end of a burning cigarette. I tucked them under my pits.

The loudest-mouthed cheerleader leaned into the room from the hallway and stood frozen, her hand covering her mouth.

Her boyfriend stood next to her. “Whoa, Willow. Are you a Droit?”

Not good.

Mr. Bott cleared his throat and waved at them. “Go on home now.” Then he turned to Bryce and spoke slowly and loudly. “I think we need to take Jasper down to the central office.”

But we didn’t. Jasper would be okay. At least, for now. While still lying on the ground, he lifted his head and gazed up at me.

The glow of my hands faded, and I scooped him to his feet. “Come on, boy. You can do it.” At least he hadn’t peed on the floor.

He stood, his legs wobbly, and butted his head into my arms. Then he slapped my face with wet kisses, his doggy breath stinging my eyes. Phew. If he got a whiff of his own breath, he might drop to the floor again.

His kisses made me smile though. It was moments like this that made it all worthwhile, if only for a second.

Mr. Bott took a step back and stared at my hands again. “Do you have a license to do that?”


Read more of the excerpt at Kindle Scout HERE.

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