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Meet Adam Houge. 

I’m a little jealous of his success. He’s sold millions of books and is well respected in the Christian book genre. He’s worked hard and it shows. (You can browse his books at his Amazon page HERE.) Adam is also a master at online selling and earns six figures every year on his various book income streams as a result.

He was in the author summit I was in last spring. Afterward, he gave me a call and wanted to collaborate with me on a project to help writers. I was humbled! Unfortunately, at the time, my life was a mess (because of an unexpected and tragic death in the family), so I didn’t take him up on his offer.

But today, he asked me to tell you about another summit he’s hosting. As a part of this, he’s giving away a free ebook BUNDLE. His book, “Rapid Email List Building for Authors,” is in this bundle. (YIPPEE! I’ll be reading it.) He’ll show you how you can quickly scale up your email list using mostly free methods. (You must build your email list even if you haven’t published anything yet.)

He’ll also show you his number #1 favorite trick to get PAID to build your email list. (Can’t wait to read this!)

Adam asked me to be an affiliate partner for this summit. 

(What’s an affiliate partner?

As an affiliate partner, I share Adam’s products with you because I believe the products can help you. By asking other authors and coaches like me to share his information, Adam spreads the word faster. And word of mouth is the best marketing tool.

Many professionals ask me to be an affiliate partner, to sell their products. However, I don’t unless I feel that there is value for you.

I’m sharing Adam’s summit information with you because I believe there is great value here for you.)

This BUNDLE is a library of free ebooks giving you the BEST advice on growing your career as rapidly as possible as a writer.

There’s nothing to buy. (Of course, Adam hopes you’ll buy more in the future, and maybe become his friend, but the BOOK BUNDLE is free.) 

You can find the full details of each ebook title included and grab your free bundle HERE.


1. A free full month of thinkific – a platform for turning your books into profitable online courses – and a free ticket to the Author Success Summit ($997 value).

(PLEASE NOTE that this bundle will only be available for a couple days! Go GET it NOW!)

2. Tom Corson-Knowles’ bestselling book “The Book Marketing Bible” (normally $3.99 but yours free)

3. Jesse Krieger will show you the exact steps in his bestselling book Lifestyle Entrepreneur (normally $7.99 but yours free)


The tickets to the summit and everything included in the bundle are over a $1000 value and will only be available for a few days so grab yours before it’s too late.

Remember: you can always get it now and read later!

Let me know what you think of the offer and the book bundle. Happy reading. I’d love to hear your success stories. Bring them!

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