You Can’t Do it Alone

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If you’re an author trying to get published or sell books, you might feel alone. Writing is a solitary endeavor. For many of us, writing in the comfort of our own space is one thing, but getting out to meet other writers isn’t as easy. We’re introverted. We’d rather stay by ourselves than go out and sell our work.

Consider finding authors online who are doing what you want to do. Find your INNER CIRCLE of friends. Read their books and listen to podcasts from the authors you love. Attend online author summits like this one.

Is there an author whom you adore? Someone you follow? Maybe reach out to that person with publishing questions. Surround yourself with people whom you aspire to be like. Learn from them.

The day we quit learning is the day we quit growing.

HERE is a link to a FREE author summit (worth $997) of people who want to share their success with you. They’re author teachers who want to help you grow. You might not connect with all of them, but maybe you’ll connect with one who resonates with your message.

Think of how much faster you’ll grow if you find an INNER CIRCLE of positive mentors.

Even if you’re not considering self-publishing, you will learn more about building your author business and marketing your work from these experts.

Let me know if you’re going.

HERE‘s the link again.


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