Magic, Disney and a Writing Hero

To ‘combat’ this loneliness, I recommend that authors, or writers who want to be published and sell books, get social with other writers and authors. Find your tribe. Learn from each other. Help each other. Join Facebook groups of writers and authors who write in your genre. Join conversations at K-Boards. The year I published […]

Why 80% of Books Published This Year Will Fail

80% of books published this year won’t earn enough to cover their publishing costs. Why? Is it because the author lacks writing skills? Is it because the timing is not right? Is it because the market is saturated? None of the above. If your book is drowning in the Amazon sea, or if you’re about […]

Outline Your Book With FIRE

Photo Compliments of Pellinni at I met a fellow Toastmaster last year who said he and his wife go on vacation without a destination planned. I couldn’t imagine getting in the car and just driving to an unknown destination. How about you? My time is valuable, so when I go on vacation, I want […]

How are You Different Than Michael Hyatt?

CLICK to Make Your 2017 the Best! Hello Friends! Those of you who know me realize that I’m all about helping others by using my gifts. Not the kind of gifts you unwrap, but those that God gave me. I recently took the STRENGTH FINDER test to uncover my gifts and hone in on exactly what […]

Write Like a Roadrunner on Steroids!

Download a FREE copy of FAST DRAFT When we were children, many of us loved to draw, color and write stories. But somewhere along the way, our life was HACKED by society who didn’t value art. They told us that art wouldn’t pay the bills. Maybe your parents told you to get a real job. […]

What Does it Cost to Self-Publish Your Book?

  If you publish with a traditional publisher, you will probably only get a $500 advance, or not much more than that. After you publish the book, most publishers keep all but 15% of your profit. So, for instance, if you sell a book for $10, you only keep $1.50. If you sell 100 books, […]

What’s in it for Me?

A few years ago, I went to a Matthew West concert at a local college. Matthew’s tag line is, Tell Your Story, Change a Life. He does something original, and being a lover of stories, I was SOLD. He composes his lyrics from the stories of the people who write to him. Their stories are […]

All The Dogs are Dying!

Can you imagine our lives if this title was true? I didn’t want to imagine that all the dogs were dying. But the premise made me think, what if? It inspired me to build a story around it. What do you do when you have an imagination for all sorts of stories? I write them –even […]

A New Software – KDROI – For Book Sale Promos

Are you sick of filling out forms every time you want to plan a sales promotion for your book? Amazon created a new tool this week. Have you seen it? It avoids all the long, time-sucking forms you typically have to complete for a sales promotion. Now, all you have to do is load it […]

Killer Nashville Crime Writing Contest for an UNPUBLISHED Manuscript

Photo Compliments of Killer Nashville Claymore Awards Accepting Unpublished Manuscripts for entries until April 30th NASHVILLE – Killer Nashville is one of the most well-respected and growing resources for writers today. The organization not only hosts a phenomenal annual conference for writers, but is also expanding the Killer Nashville brand and resources to writers […]

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