Write Like a Roadrunner on Steroids!

Download a FREE copy of FAST DRAFT When we were children, many of us loved to draw, color and write stories. But somewhere along the way, our life was HACKED by society who didn’t value art. They told us that art wouldn’t pay the bills. Maybe your parents told you to get a real job. […]

What Does it Cost to Self-Publish Your Book?

  If you publish with a traditional publisher, you will probably only get a $500 advance, or not much more than that. After you publish the book, most publishers keep all but 15% of your profit. So, for instance, if you sell a book for $10, you only keep $1.50. If you sell 100 books, […]

What’s in it for Me?

A few years ago, I went to a Matthew West concert at a local college. Matthew’s tag line is, Tell Your Story, Change a Life. He does something original, and being a lover of stories, I was SOLD. He composes his lyrics from the stories of the people who write to him. Their stories are […]

All The Dogs are Dying!

Can you imagine our lives if this title was true? I didn’t want to imagine that all the dogs were dying. But the premise made me think, what if? It inspired me to build a story around it. What do you do when you have an imagination for all sorts of stories? I write them –even […]

A New Software – KDROI – For Book Sale Promos

Are you sick of filling out forms every time you want to plan a sales promotion for your book? Amazon created a new tool this week. Have you seen it? It avoids all the long, time-sucking forms you typically have to complete for a sales promotion. Now, all you have to do is load it […]

Killer Nashville Crime Writing Contest for an UNPUBLISHED Manuscript

Photo Compliments of Morguefile.com Killer Nashville Claymore Awards Accepting Unpublished Manuscripts for entries until April 30th NASHVILLE – Killer Nashville is one of the most well-respected and growing resources for writers today. The organization not only hosts a phenomenal annual conference for writers, but is also expanding the Killer Nashville brand and resources to writers […]

When You Get Kicked in The Gut What Do You Do?

Photo from Morguefile.com   How do you hold up under criticism? Do you retreat? Retaliate? Get angry? Do you lose your breath? No one likes to be criticized. Yet as you rise to the top of your AUTHOR LADDER, you will be watched with magnifying glasses. Readers will scrutinize your work closer. They will criticize […]

Winners of the Jerry Jenkins Fiction Jumpstart Giveaway

Thank you to those who entered the giveaway for the FICTION JUMPSTART program. I wrote each entrant’s name on a sheet of paper, placed the papers in a bowl, and had my husband draw five winners. Below are the winners! Karrah Creamer Janelle Leonard Beth Steury Shelley Arnett Grace Potts Congratulations! Tim Branch, from Jerry Jenkins’ […]

Toastmasters Can Help Your Writing

When someone asks you what your book is about can you tell them in one sentence without missing a beat? If you’re asked to speak at a local chamber meeting about your book, could you speak with confidence? Do you want to spread awareness for your book, your brand, or your platform? If so, you […]

10 Essential Tips to Make You a Better Writer

10 Essential Tips to Make You a Better Writer, by Ben Russel Writing is not something that comes naturally for everyone. It is something that takes patience and practice to master. There are many people who struggle with certain aspects of writing; however, there are several things that can be done to strengthen your writing […]

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