When You Get Kicked in The Gut What Do You Do?

Photo from Morguefile.com   How do you hold up under criticism? Do you retreat? Retaliate? Get angry? Do you lose your breath? No one likes to be criticized. Yet as you rise to the top of your AUTHOR LADDER, you will be watched with magnifying glasses. Readers will scrutinize your work closer. They will criticize […]

Winners of the Jerry Jenkins Fiction Jumpstart Giveaway

Thank you to those who entered the giveaway for the FICTION JUMPSTART program. I wrote each entrant’s name on a sheet of paper, placed the papers in a bowl, and had my husband draw five winners. Below are the winners! Karrah Creamer Janelle Leonard Beth Steury Shelley Arnett Grace Potts Congratulations! Tim Branch, from Jerry Jenkins’ […]

Toastmasters Can Help Your Writing

When someone asks you what your book is about can you tell them in one sentence without missing a beat? If you’re asked to speak at a local chamber meeting about your book, could you speak with confidence? Do you want to spread awareness for your book, your brand, or your platform? If so, you […]

10 Essential Tips to Make You a Better Writer

10 Essential Tips to Make You a Better Writer, by Ben Russel Writing is not something that comes naturally for everyone. It is something that takes patience and practice to master. There are many people who struggle with certain aspects of writing; however, there are several things that can be done to strengthen your writing […]

An Online Writing Course by Jerry Jenkins – Five FREE Giveaways ($149 Value each)

FICTION JUMPSTART From Jerry Jenkins Writers Guild Five FREE Subscriptions – a $149 value each   HOW To ENTER the Giveaway:  Subscribe to this blog if you haven’t already (insert your email addy in the space bar to the right) and comment below. Tell us what your novel is about. That’s all. You could WIN […]

2016 Book Award Contests

(Photo courtesy of Morguefile.com) 2016 BOOK AWARD CONTESTS by Alinka Rutkowska My absolute favorite book award contest is: Readers’ Favorite International Book Award Contest Deadline April 1, 2016 (late deadline is June 1). You can win one of $35,000 in prizes just for entering and you get a chance to have your book made into a movie or […]

Tax Time, 1099’s, and a Freelance Writer’s Resource Site

(Photo compliments of Morguefile.com) It’s that time of year again. TAX TIME. 1099’s. Finding all those receipts you should have kept. Figuring out how much you owe the government. I just hung up from my tax accountant and this picture illustrates how I feel. I don’t want to stop the forward progress on my novel […]

Nine Questions to Help You Set Your Goals

Happy New Year! The end of the year is a great time to reflect about the previous year and take inventory on what you learned over the previous twelve months. For 2016, I will keep my daily activities logged in a journal. That way, at the end of the year, I can reflect on how much […]

A New DISCOUNT Resource Site For Writers

Several years ago, I was down in beautiful Venice, Florida at an author fair and met two authors and marketers, Matt Stone and Rob Archangel, and have kept in touch with them. They own BUCK BOOKS, a site that gives readers $0.99 deals. They’re great at getting the word out when I have a book […]

Are You Confident Enough to Write a Novel?

Many people don’t think that confidence has anything to do with writing a novel, but I do. You can be a talented writer, but if you don’t have the confidence to finish the job and believe in yourself, you’ll probably give up before the project is complete or you’ll never be able to sell the […]

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